10 Stunning Royal Accessories That Have Been Passed Down Through Generations

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The British royal family has been seen sharing and borrowing their family heirloom jewelry for ages. Be it a celebration or a ceremony, you can always spot them wearing accessories that belonged to their predecessors. And majority of these heirloom pieces of jewelry have been passed down to the family members who succeed them. Some of them have also been altered to fit the wearer’s liking. Here in this article, we have made a list of popular accessories worn by the British royal family that have been passed on to the next generations. Read on to learn more about them.

1. Queen Mary Fringe’s Tiara

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This awe-inspiring tiara was originally made for Queen Mary in 1919. Princess Beatrice borrowed the tiara for her wedding day. However, even the late Queen was seen wearing the crown on many occasions.

2. The Kokoshnik Tiara

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This beautiful tiara was gifted to the late Queen Elizabeth’s great-grandmother as a wedding gift. It was then passed down to her daughter and then our late Queen. So who do you think is next in line to inherit it?

3. The Brooch Worn By Princess Charlotte

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Just recently, Princess Charlotte was spotted wearing a magnificent horseshoe brooch. Almost certainly, the Queen herself presented her with this lovely piece of jewelry. Although its history has yet to be validated, it has been observed that the Queen Mother wore the brooch for the first time in the 1920s.

4. The Coronation Necklace And Earrings

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Various members of the royal family have worn these exquisite accessories to each of the last four coronations. They once belonged to Victoria, Queen of England, and were designated as “heirlooms of the crown” by her. So they have been passed down through the generations.

5. The Lover’s Knot Tiara

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As the name goes, the top of this beautiful tiara is adorned with a lover’s knot design. This tiara has a long story, but it first entered Queen Elizabeth’s possession in 1953. The crown was later presented to Princess Diana by the Queen. It’s unclear what transpired then, but Kate Middleton was seen adorning the gorgeous tiara, which helps us understand she is the new possessor of the jewelry.

6. Diamond And Pearl Drop Earrings

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The new Duchess of Cornwall was seen wearing the late princess Diana’s exquisite earrings this year. The horseshoe and laurel leaf design adds a unique appeal to the piece. Lady Di wore it to a dinner in 1995. The Duchess had replaced the pears with those she already had, but the beauty of the jewelry was still intact.

7. Grand Duchess Vladimir’s Tiara

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Queen Mary purchased this stunning tiara from the descendants of Grand Duchess Vladimir. It was made for the Dutchess but later had to be sold out. It is said that the tiara was smuggled out of Russia by a British dealer and then purchased by the late Queen’s grandmother.

8. The Engagement Ring Of The Duchess Of Cambridge

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Prince William borrowed his mother’s heirloom engagement ring to propose to Kate Middleton. In 1981, Prince Charles presented Princess Diana with the identical piece she had picked. That ring is something that can captivate you the moment you see it.

9. Princess Diana’s Blue Earrings

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The gorgeous diamond & amethyst earrings belonged to our beloved Lady Di. She wore them on the late Queen’s 90th birthday. To complement the blue color of the stone, she chose a blue hat, and she looked absolutely stunning.

10. The Maple Leaf Brooch

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This beautiful maple leaf brooch belonged to the late Queen’s Mother, Queen Elizabeth Angela Marguerite Bowes-Lyon, and was passed on to Queen Elizabeth II. In fact, the late Queen Elizabeth II loaned it to Camilla and Kate for their travels to Canada. Thus it is customary for the royal family to wear it whenever they are in the country.

Like the royal family, we all have family heirlooms that are near and dear to us. Like that grandma’s ring, you obsessed with when you were younger or the pen your grandpa let you have that his grandpa gifted to him. Passing down from generation to generation gives your belonging an emotional value beyond the material worth of the object. So, which of these accessories from the royal family is your favorite? Let us know in the comments section!

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