New Mum Kareena Credits Her Glossy Hair During Pregnancy To THIS Superfood

by Rachana C

Women and The Weight LossTamasha.Only someone who has studied the weight loss plight of women as a whole can come up with a title like that. As Rujuta Diwekar, author of the book with that title says, “we women discriminate against our bodies so much! You put a 40-year-old woman in a lift – every lift has a mirror – and she looks at herself and looks at faults. She finds something that needs to go, something that needs to change. And we women impose crash diets and fads just for that perfect body and hair and forget the fact that each body is different and requires a personalized diet to keep the body healthy.”

Why are we talking about Rujuta Diwekar and the Tamasha?Because she was the one who was in charge of Kareena’s diet before and during her pregnancy. Don’t you want to know what on earth made her crave karela? Well, I might not have an answer to that, but I can tell you what she did during her pregnancy that kept her hair so glossy and healthy during and after her pregnancy. Here is the list of foods that Rujuta made Bebo eat and that’s pretty much the secret of her super glossy hair.

 #1 Ghee

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Yes, our very own desi ghee. Rujuta had been adamant since day one to bust the myths surrounding the harmless ghee. In all the Facebook Live chats that Kareena and Rujuta have appeared in, they have stressed a number of times as to how important ghee was in their diet. Kareena confesses that she ate her dose of ghee and paranthas all through her pregnancy. According to her, ghee is one of the most superior forms of fat, of which two-thirds consist of saturated fats. These fats make it possible for vitamins A, D, K and E (fat-soluble vitamins) to get absorbed in the body. Also, whether you are looking to get into shape or wanting to retain those silky tresses, make sure you have loads of homemade desi ghee all during, after, and before pregnancy.

 #2 Rice

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Apart from ghee, the next victim of the weight loss myths is rice. Rujuta focuses on growing local and eating local. South Indian moms, make sure you eat rice, but just see to it that you control the portion of rice you eat. This holds true not just for rice but for other foods too. The best way to manage this portion size is by first visualizing how much you want to eat and then by cutting the amount into half. However, the process doesn’t stop there. The next step is doubling the amount of time you would normally spend in eating that amount. And that’s what she calls the Mental Meal Map for feeling energetic and light.

 #3 Coconut

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Another food item that both Kareena and Rujuta swear by is the coconut. Kareena says that she enjoys coconut chutney for her breakfast. Also, her ardent friend and nutrition guide Rujuta says there is no need to stop enjoying our Indian sweets like coconut halwa or dry coconut laddoos. Although it sounds contrary to the myth propagated by the weight loss industry, neither ghee nor sugar is harmful when taken in the right form and amount. If you are carrying your little one and are craving for sweets, go ahead, and enjoy all your homemade sweets. Make sure you include lots of coconuts to ensure healthy hair during and after pregnancy.

 #4 Sesame Seeds

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Incorporating sesame seeds in our diet is another essential step towards maintaining healthy hair during any phase of our lifetime, but specifically during phases associated with menstrual cycles and pregnancy. Since it is now sufficiently popularized that our hair is made of keratin, I will stress on the point that this keratin requires specific amino acids to be formed in the body. Sesame seeds provide those essential amino acids that are required for hair growth (1). Rujuta says in the Facebook live chat that you can include til in your diet by eating it in various forms like til ke laddoos, or add them generously in your tadkas, and you could also sprinkle them over your salads.

 #5 Dahi (Yogurt)

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Again, dahi is NOT fattening. We tend to cut down on dairy products and label them fattening, but we don’t realize the number of minerals and vitamins we are missing out on. And forget the mineral content, how can you say no to that probiotic benefit that curd bestows on you? Gorge on a bowl full of yogurt if you want your body to be replenished with calcium, phosphorus, potassium, and vitamins A, B, and D. There is mineral loss in the body during pregnancy, which makes it obligatory for you to replenish the body with these minerals. And what better way than a healthy wholesome diet to give the nourishment your body needs?

 #6 Methi Dana

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If you have suffered from any hormonal imbalance before conceiving, particularly, PCOD, you know very well what insulin resistance can do to you. Include methi seeds to increase the insulin sensitivity in your body. Apart from the miracles it does to your body when ingested, Rujuta also prescribes it for external application. Adding fenugreek seeds to warm coconut oil and allowing it to cool before massaging it on the scalp does wonders for hair growth. Like sesame seeds, you could use methi in tadkas too and also add it in raita or kadhi.

 Mothers-to-be, it is necessary for you women to understand that health is not a nine-month project, it is a lifestyle for a lifetime. It is good that you want to inculcate a healthy lifestyle for your baby, but always remember to adopt a healthy lifestyle even before you plan a child and stick to the regimen even after your delivery.

So, now that you know how Kareena managed to have such glossy hair during and after pregnancy (and that baby Taimur has it too), start binging on all these superfoods to flaunt healthy and shiny tresses. Who knows, your baby might have it too!

P.S. – Never forget to put yourself in the first place. This is not me saying, it is India’s leading nutrition and exercise science expert, Rujuta Diwekar speaking. Putting yourself first doesn’t make you a bad mom. It makes you the best mom, indeed.

What do you think of this, ladies? Wanna let me know? Write in the comments sections below.

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