9 Surprising Ways To Whiter Teeth

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Beautiful pearly white teeth are bound to capture anyone’s attention. Your teeth are an icon of your confidence and grooming. Do you constantly worry about yellowing of teeth? Fret not! You just have to follow these nine golden rules to get whiter and brighter teeth:

1. Choose The Right Toothbrush

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Always choose a soft brush (mediums are the ones that are mostly seen stacked on shelves) as it is gentle on the teeth and does not destroy the enamel layer. Always brush after meals to prevent maximum decay of teeth. If it is not possible at all times, follow the twice-daily schedule, at least. Researchers say that even if you miss out brushing in the morning, you should never miss brushing at night to minimize the chances of bacteria and decay. Also, change your brush every two or three months at the most, for worn out bristles may not properly clean your teeth.

2. Brush Your Tongue

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There would be obvious residues of food remaining on your tongue, which would lead to bacteria responsible for soft discoloration. Clean your tongue starting from the very back with long strokes with a soft brush (so that you do not spoil your taste buds), and rinse with lukewarm water often. If possible, it is always better to clean after every meal or twice daily at least. It also keeps bad breath away.

3. Raw Fruits, Nuts, And Veggies

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Allow your teeth their natural crunch by munching on veggies, nuts, and fruits. This helps fight the stains of discoloration on your teeth, protects them from plaque, and maintains your oral health and overall physical health as well. The juices in veggies and fruits and the oil in nuts are really helpful for maintaining the natural glow of your teeth.

4. Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse

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Rinse your mouth regularly (twice, daily) with this solution made from one part apple cider vinegar and two parts water. It is an organic way to maintain the whiteness of teeth and freshness of breath.

5. Gel Trays

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The areas where the teeth meet the gums are darker in color, and whitening strips are especially ineffective in such areas. You will surely not prefer uneven whiteness. Instead, try gel trays for whitening. These work very well and are preferred by dentists worldwide.

6. Be Careful While Eating Oranges

Beware if you fall into the category of people who are fond of oranges and other citrus fruits like lime, lemon, and the like. The acid may damage your enamel and affect the whiteness of teeth. Always rinse clean your mouth with water at least three times after having your fill of these.

7. Chew Sugar-Free Gums

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Research indicates that chewing sugar-free gums is a healthy way to keep your teeth forever clean. If you choose a variety that has the natural sugar xylitol that helps you reduce the aggressiveness of the bacteria causing discoloration, you can reduce the acidity levels and also balance the pH levels of your mouth.

8. Coffee Or Wine?

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Find out which one would discolor your teeth the most. Is it wine or coffee? The best option would be to avoid it completely. It depends on the type of teeth each individual has. You should also avoid cigarettes, tobacco, betel, and other stuff that may leave lasting stains on your teeth. If you are very particular not to let go of caffeine, make it a point to brush properly and rinse and clean your teeth and mouth after each such use.

9. Dark Lip Shades

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Accentuate the brightness of your pearly lines by making them shine. The darker the color you choose, like red, pink, maroon, brown, the greater would be the accentuation of the teeth lining under it. Moreover, you would look super dazzling too!

Oral health is an area that shouldn’t be ignored. Even the slightest irresponsibility would cause irreversible damage. You should regularly visit the dentist. Brushing your teeth, flossing, and cleaning of your tongue should be meticulously observed. It is always better to rinse properly with water each time you have a meal. Also, slightly probe into those hidden corners of your teeth, especially where the jaws narrow down to meet the cheeks at the back of the mouth. This is to pull out all food particles there, which, otherwise, would increase the chances of bacteria and staining.

Avoid foods that are too cold or too hot since they damage your oral health.

Observe these nine rules and see yourself smiling with a row of more beautiful, stunning, super white teeth.

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