9 Survival Tips That Everyone Should Keep In Mind In Case Of An Emergency

By Niharika Nayak

There are many myths and false facts out there that can mislead people into thinking that certain things are safe to do and other things aren’t. For example, standing under a tree during a thunderstorm is not a good idea, and you should instead look to minimize the amount of time the lightning stays in your body. Of course, you can’t plan solutions in advance during an emergency, so it’s best to equip yourself and make your mind alert in situations like these. If a barking street dog starts chasing you, don’t give it the opportunity to run behind you and bite impulsively. Freeze and avoid looking into its eyes, if the dog sees no reaction, it will assume that you are no danger or enemy. Keeping specific survival facts and tips in mind can help save your life or someone else’s. We want you to stay unharmed and safe when you are in an emergency and hence have shared nine survival tips that you need to keep in mind. Read on to find out what they are:

1. Do Not Pull Out The Knife After You’ve Been Stabbed

Do Not Pull Out The Knife After You've Been Stabbed


While being stabbed is probably not a common occurrence, if it does happen, the last thing you need to do is pull out the knife. Instead, you must apply pressure around the area and make your way to the nearest emergency room. If you pull out the knife (like they commonly do in movies), you will end up suffering terrible blood loss or, worse, bleeding to death. It is best to secure the wound instead of opening it up.

2. Soak Yourself In A Warm Soapy Bath After Coming In Contact With Poison Ivy

2. Soak Yourself In A Warm Soapy Bath After Coming In Contact With Poison Ivy


The best way to treat a rash caused by Poison Ivy is to wash it with lukewarm soapy water as soon as you can. This can help remove poison ivy oil that causes the burn in the first place. Let’s face it, we don’t always carry medicinal ointment. Even if you are carrying antiseptic, the poison ivy rash is way more severe and cannot be tamed by a regular antiseptic. Adding a cup of baking soda powder to your bath water can help relieve the itching you may be facing. However, if you face more severe symptoms like swelling, fever, and the rash covering most of your body, we’d advise you to see a doctor.

3. Crouch Down If You’re Outside During A Thunderstorm

Crouch Down If You're Outside During A Thunderstorm


If you find yourself stuck outside during a thunderstorm, the first thing you should do is crouch down. Right before lightning strikes someone’s body, they will experience tingling on their skin, and their hair will stand up. The best thing that one can do when they know that they will be hit by lightning is to crouch with only their toes touching the ground. They need to make sure that their heels are raised off the ground and aren’t touching each other. Once the threat passes, you can run indoors and into a building. Sometimes, people just let themselves get drenched and let themselves be hit by lightning because they don’t know that hack. The sudden surge of energy can puncture your blood vessels and cause severe organ damage. By crouching and reducing your contact with the ground, you break the adverse retaliation of lightning.

4. Find Water And Shelter First If You Are Lost In The Woods

Find Water And Shelter First If You Are Lost In The Woods


While you can last for quite a few days without eating any food, you can only survive a few hours if you don’t have shelter against the various elements present in the forest. A human body can go for around three days without drinking water, but any more and you will get severely dehydrated or even die.

5. Crawl On All Fours To Escape A Fire

Crawl On All Fours To Escape A Fire


You probably know by now that smoke can float high into the air, and thus it’s a bad idea to stand up and walk out of the room. It’s always a better idea to lie flat on the ground and crawl your way towards an exit. It will be more effective because you can put your head down in between and not inhale the smoke in its entirety. The lower surface has lesser smoke than the upper side of the room space.

6. Swim Parallel To The Shore To Escape A Riptide

Swim Parallel To The Shore To Escape A Riptide


Riptides can be pretty scary, and if you’re caught in one, you will want to get out as soon as possible. It’s not a good idea to try and fight against the riptide or swim against it as that can cause exhaustion. Instead, you should swim parallel to the seashore and go with the riptide’s flow. The current will eventually dissipate and not pull you under.

7. Don’t Try To Run During A Sandstorm

Don't Try To Run During A Sandstorm


One of the best things to do when you are stuck in a sandstorm is to find some sort of shelter, be it a car, a small shed, or even a rock. Grab or tear off a piece of fabric and cover your eyes, mouth, and nose with it to prevent sand from hurting you. Wetting the piece of fabric before you cover your face with it is a good idea.

8. Don’t Jump Into The Water To Save Someone Who Is Drowning

Don't Jump Into The Water To Save Someone Who Is Drowning


While your first reaction to a person drowning is probably going to be wanting to jump into the water and save them, that should not be the case. Try to reach for the person from a safe location like a pool edge or rock, then find something they can grab. If that does not work, you can look for a safety ring or life raft to throw at them. If available, try and get a boat and row out to them. Get into the water only if you have no other options left.

9. Underwater And Not Sure How To Escape? Just Breathe

Underwater And Not Sure How To Escape Just Breathe


If you find yourself trapped underwater and are not sure which direction you need to swim, let out some air and see which direction the air bubble goes. In a similar manner, it’s a good idea for you to spit and see where gravity will take it if you are trapped under dirt or in an avalanche. Dig in the opposite direction.

We hope that you are never in a situation where you need to use these survival tips, but it’s good to keep them handy on the off chance that you do land up in this situation. This will help you out more if you are an adventure fanatic who needs to go on a thrill ride every now and then. Do let us know if you have ever used any of these hacks before or if you found them helpful in the comment section below.

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