Take Your Skincare Regime Up A Notch With FOREO’s LUNA 2

by Tanya Arora

Did you know that the skincare regimen you’re following is not enough? Sure, you follow the steps of cleansing, exfoliating, toning and moisturizing with due diligence. But there’s something missing regardless. Do you know what that is? A facial cleansing brush! Especially one from FOREO, who are the global leaders when it comes to facial brushes.

You might think of it as a luxury beauty item you don’t need, but it’s the one you should actually invest in! See, I was just like you. I followed my usual skincare routine and even though my BFF kept suggesting I get myself the FOREO LUNA 2, I never did. I thought it would land up in that cabinet in my dresser that contains all of my impulse buys I never use.

But boy was I wrong! After months of being coaxed by my bestie into buying it, I finally got myself a LUNA 2. And let me tell you, this little facial cleansing brush is by far the best skincare product I’ve ever had, and it really made me feel that before it, my skincare care routine was simply incomplete! Let me tell you why in my review of the LUNA 2. Let’s get started!

LUNA 2 – The Best Facial Cleansing Brush In The Market

First thing let’s talk about the unboxing. It’s a pretty package in white and the retail box contains the LUNA 2, a USB cord to charge it, some pamphlets and instruction manuals and a handy carry pouch for when you need to travel with your LUNA 2. It’s a nice addition as it makes stowing away the wet brush quite easy when you’re in a hurry and can’t wait for it to dry.

As for the design, I really like it! It’s cute and classy at the same time. And its ergonomic oval shape makes it fit so easily in the hand. The silicone material also helps in giving a good grip as this thing is meant to be used wet with lather all over it, so that’s a bonus!

There are 4 different colours to choose from but mind you, each colour is meant for a different type of skin. Pearl pink is for normal skin, blue for combination skin, lavender for sensitive skin and mint for oily skin. Each kind has differently shaped bristles. I got myself blue one for combination skin as that’s what I have. Getting the option to customize one’s skincare is actually great!

Coming to my experience with the LUNA 2, when I first got it, I charged it to full with the USB cable given. The packaging says it can last up to 450 uses on a single charge. A very impressive claim! I’ve been using it for 3 weeks now and haven’t needed to plug it in even once.

The bristles of the brush feel extremely soft and gentle on my skin. Thanks to FOREO’s unique design! The brush makes use of the brand’s proprietary T-Sonic or transdermal sonic pulsations, which help in the deep cleansing of the skin without it being harsh. In fact, in the LUNA 2, the pulsations are stronger and deliver 8000 pulsations per minute! Now that’s powerful. As a bonus, the intensities can be changed to your liking with the LUNA 2 offering 12 adjustable intensities.

Using the LUNA 2 is as easy as 1-2-3. After I was done applying my favourite cleanser on my face, I just had to press the button to turn it on. I adjusted the intensity using the buttons in the front and started massaging it on my face and it felt so good! It was like getting a professional Thai massage at home! After washing my face, I felt it to be much cleaner and softer within just one use!

I’m really loving my LUNA 2! It has a large head that allows it to work its magic on the harder to reach areas of my face. Besides, the silicone design ensures hygiene, which is why I was putting off buying a facial brush in the first place. Nylon brushes just don’t scream hygiene to me but the LUNA 2 sorts that as no bacteria is generated on it. Besides, it’s 100% waterproof, which also makes it very easy to clean.

One thing I noticed while using the LUNA 2 was how well it removed the oil, dirt, debris and makeup residue from my skin. After using it to cleanse my face, my skin felt like it had never been exposed to harsh elements! I guess FOREO is right. It does remove 99.5% of dirt and makeup residue like a champ!

I also love the anti-ageing massage feature. The reverse side of the head of the brush can be used to keep fine lines and wrinkles at bay if used for 1 minute on the face! This feature also helps in improving the absorption of the creams and lotions I apply.

I would also like to highlight an important concern here. Most people feel that a cleansing brush deep cleanses skin, leading to causing dryness. However, we should understand that deep cleansing is essential, but one should moisturize further to lend more smoothness and suppleness to skin to get the glow.

All in all, I’m extremely happy I got myself the LUNA 2. Now my skincare regimen feels truly complete! You have to buy one too to know what magic this beauty does. It is available in Sephora online and in-store, and of course, foreo.com as well.

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