The 3 Best Women To Marry (According To The Zodiac Signs): Everyone Kneels In Front Of The Third!

Written by Emaan Shah

No matter how cynical you may claim to be, admit it – your horoscope intrigues you. Surreptitiously checking that monthly horoscope is a sin most self-proclaimed ‘logical’ millennials are guilty of. But, we can’t really blame you; Zodiac signs are simply that fascinating.

Not to mention, at times they can be uncannily – and I’m talking goosebump-worthy here – revealing when it comes to personality traits, scoring a date or even finding that special someone.

Heck, at times, I do believe my horoscope is more reliable about the immediate future than the weather forecast. (No offense meteorological department but my umbrella and me have been thwarted way too many times now).

Ergo, since zodiac signs can be oh-so-telling about your love life, why not apply it to what comes post that happy ever after?

Yep. I’m talking marriage, baby!

Have you ever wondered just what horoscope is destined for marital bliss? We sure did. And we learned a few surprising things. From the wisdom of astrologists, we present to you the three ‘best zodiac wives’.


The Cancer Queen


A woman born under the constellation of Cancer is a queen who possesses a heart prepared to love unconditionally. Her loyalty and support know no limitations for she will follow her man to the ends of this world if so is his quest. Intensely passionate and tender, any man who is lucky enough to win her love can be assured he will claim her heart forever. She is that rare gem who will always make her partner’s happiness her priority.

However, she doesn’t come entirely without flaws. Being such a fervent woman, the Cancer queen has a tendency to feel emotions on an amplified scale that can sometimes earn her the title of being a ‘drama queen’.

But sharing a home with such a woman is truly a bliss for she undeniably makes the ultimate nurturer and carer. A man married to the Cancer queen truly considers his home his loving sanctuary for she will make it so. Fiercely protective of her children, she prizes her family above all else. Her only expectations are love, honesty, and lots of cuddles!

The Ruler Leo


Beautiful, strong and fearless—a woman born under the sign of Leo is the ultimate fighter! She is a born warrior and an inherent dynamic leader. Her charisma, wit, and allure are incomparable, which never fail to earn her a flock of fervent admirers no matter wherever she goes. However, rest assured her heart is loyal only to the one who possesses her love.

Never mistake the Leo lioness’s easy charm, and silver tongue as a weakness for this woman has a core of steel! Which is why no ordinary man can earn her heart, he has to earn her respect before he can be gifted with her undying love. Once you have claimed her loyalty and affection, she will never waver. The depth and fierceness of her love is rare and precious for this woman can’t be won over easily.

The men who lose their hearts to her will never love another with the same ardent passion and intensity that they share with her for she is one of a kind. Most men secretly acknowledge this fact, which is why they will do anything to keep her happy. A true lioness she is extremely protective of her little cubs as a mother and is an unconquerable warrior when they’re at stake.

The Empress Aries


Most astrologists claim that empress Aries is so very powerful that if she chooses to wield her power, everyone before her can fall to their knees. Compelling, bold and magnetic, she is a true and undeniable conqueror who is yet to be vanquished. A hard worker to the bone, she puts great effort in all her life endeavors that inevitably gain her success. However, so graceful and nimble a warrior is she that her opponents are never privy to her struggles, which is why they always bemoan her victories as coming too easily to her!

Only a man that can match her will and strength can marry this beauty. If a man desires to join his life with hers, he must ensure his love is strong enough for she will test it and him, until he is forged into a peer that is admired and respected by all – a true emperor to stand by her side.

Never make the mistake of forgetting that it is only she who will stand by your side when the world is against you and that it is her sacrifices and love that will continue to help you. This woman isn’t the kind to waste her life on fantasies and castles in the air. Her humble feet will always be planted firmly on the ground.

If you ever wonder how it is you actually managed to attract such a formidable woman, then know that is because she possesses the power to see who you truly are and the person you can be. A loving but strict mother, she raises children who are also winners and conquerors in life.

There you have it, the three zodiac women who make great life partners according to astrology. Are you lucky enough to have won the heart of one? Let us know in the comments section below!

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