The Secret To Wearing High Heels Comfortably

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No one ever said finding the perfect pair of shoes was simple and easy. In fact, if it were, we wouldn’t have a timeless classic that hovers around the subject of perfect shoe fit, would we? The secret to finding the perfect pair of heels is to know your feet, and the kind of shoe that complements it. So if you want to know how to get a shoe that is made for your feet, and how to keep blisters and shoe bites away, you are at the right place. Read on to know them all!

1. Check The Thickness Of The Heels

Extremely thin heels are beautiful to look at, however, they can be awkward to walk in and cause foot pain. A thicker heel will alleviate discomfort by spreading your weight more evenly and reducing stress on your forefoot.

2. Choose Shoes With Straps

Choose Shoes With Straps
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You may find it challenging to maintain your footing without steady straps. Heels with adjustable straps, such as buckles will provide a more custom fit and protect your feet from blisters caused by chafing.

3. Tape Your Toes Together

To alleviate discomfort in the shins of your feet, tape your second and third toes together.

4. Insert silicone Pads

Insert silicone Pads
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To avoid sliding and soreness on the balls of your feet, try inserting silicone gel insoles that are specially made for soothing heels while in shoes.

5. Choose Your Shoes Properly

Choose Your Shoes Properly
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All of your weight will be supported by the sole if the heel is closer on the outside or falls straight down the rear of the shoe. One way to reduce stress on the sole of the foot is to move the heel inward and round the sole somewhat beneath.

6. Avoid Friction

To avoid blisters and sore feet, rub some clear deodorant under the straps and on the skin surrounding your toes and heels.

How To Find The Right High Heels For Your Toes

How To Find The Right High Heels For Your Toes
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Comfortable heels might be hard to come by. Some of them may appear to be quite comfy at first, but they can quickly begin to torture your feet. We have provided you with options for determining the heel height that is most comfortable to wear.

Method 1

Step 1: Assess The Flexibility Of Your Feet

Assess The Flexibility Of Your Feet
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The key to choosing the perfect pair of heels for you is to get the size that matches your talus. The talus aids in foot pronation and supination as a bone in the bottom region of the ankle joint. How it moves will decide how high you can go. This indicates that not all women are equally suited for high heels.

Put your leg out erect and let your foot relax to see how far the talus can flex. If your talus curves down, you have a flexible foot and can wear high heels with ease. If your foot doesn’t have to travel as much to maintain a 90-degree angle to the ground, you may find that flatter shoes are more comfortable.

Step 2: Apply The Heel Height Formula

Apply The Heel Height Formula
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Hang your foot casually while stretching out your leg. Take a ruler and mark A at the bottom of your heel and B at the ball of your foot. Three inches is the ideal heel height for you.

Method 2

Apply The Heel Height Formula
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The golden ratio formula is another method for determining the proper heel height. Take your own measurement from your hairline down to your hip bone. Add 1.618 to this sum. The legs will be the ideal length according to the golden ratio as a result. Measure from your head below your belly button, then add the ideal leg length. According to the golden ratio, this is the optimal height. Find out how tall you really are. Subtract your actual height from your desired height. You’ll end up with the ideal heel height. Let’s look at an example. If it is 65 centimeters from your skull to your abdominal button, you measure 167 centimeters in height. The ideal leg length is 105 cm (65 multiplied by 1.618). The optimal height is 170 cm (105 + 65). The perfect heel height is 170 – 167 = 3 cm.

So now that you know how to walk comfortably in your heels and how to choose the shoes that are made exactly for you, nothing can stop you from looking your best. Make sure you choose the shoes that you are most comfortable with and not the one that looks good in the stores. You also need to consider which are your go-to places and if you are comfortable walking around long distances in them. No one masters walking in heels on the first try, so you need to put a lot of practice into it. So, what is your favorite kind of heel to wear? Let us know in the comments section!

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