The Shape Of Your Forehead Reveals Your Personality! What’s Your Shape?

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The same way that all five fingers on your hand are different, all human beings are different as well. That does not mean that you won’t come across your doppelgänger some time in your life. There is always a possibility that you might share the same physical features as another human being somewhere in the world. Some people look the same; some people have the same hands while other people may share the same forehead. You may not think much about it if you saw someone who had an identical forehead to yours. However, that is about to change. The size and shape of your forehead can actually provide people with great insight about the type of person you are.

Birds of a feather flock together, and people with the same type of forehead get along very well with each other. Below are all the different types of foreheads that a human being can possess. Find out more about the type of person you are by matching your forehead with the descriptions below.

1. Broad Forehead 

People with broad foreheads, especially women, are embarrassed by the size of their forehead as compared to other people. This type of forehead is also referred to as the five-finger forehead because of how big it is. Women tend to cover up their foreheads with their hair to hide their unusually big heads. But why? Having a big forehead is nothing to be ashamed of. If anything, you should be proud if you have a broad forehead because it is a sign of great intelligence. People with broad foreheads are able to learn difficult skills with ease. They are great at completing tasks prior to their deadlines and are also great planners. These people do not require too much information to grasp a topic and are great at making use of intuition to predict future outcomes.

2. Narrow Forehead 

Just because having a broad forehead is a sign of intelligence, having a narrow forehead does not make you dim-witted. Having a narrow forehead means that you tend to think more with your heart than your mind. People with narrow foreheads are usually very emotional. They tend to be more of introverts than extroverts.

3. Straight Forehead 

The name for this forehead comes from the straightness in a person’s hairline. As the name suggests, these people tend to be very straightforward in their lives. These people are very kind and trustworthy. If they have given you their word, they will always strive to fulfill it. Similarly, they are very dedicated in their relationships. If they fall in love with someone, they will cherish their moments of love forever.

4. Curved Forehead 

The same way a narrow forehead is the opposite of a broad one, a curved forehead is the opposite of a straight one. People with a curved forehead are always the center of attention at any party. They are admired for their positivity and enthusiasm. These people act as magnets for happiness. People always try and give such people a good impression of them as they want to share a bit of their limelight. However, with admiration comes envy. Some people try their best to put down these types of people because they want to be superior to them when it comes to popularity.

5. M-shaped Forehead 

The name for this type of forehead comes from its shape. People with such a forehead have a hairline that protrudes from the middle, forming two arches that are usually the same length. These types of people tend to have extremely vivid imaginations. They always seem to perceive things in the most unusual ways possible and enjoy having their heads up in the clouds. They find reality to be very boring and often tend to join the performing arts to expand their horizons.

6. Fuji Mount-shaped Forehead 

The name for this forehead comes from the resemblance of its shape to that of a mountaintop. If your forehead happens to be this exact shape, you should consider yourself special. This is a very rare type of forehead, and people with this type are extremely kind and lovable. They are great at socializing with others. These people are great at voicing their opinions and are never afraid to take up new challenges.

7. Sharp Forehead 

People with such a forehead should look away. These people are known for their stubbornness. They will try everything in their power to try and make a decision go their way. These people are able to achieve success because of their will to never back down no matter how many enemies they make in the process.

So, what type of forehead do you possess? Were you surprised to learn about some of the characteristics that people with your forehead possess or were you expecting what you read?

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