The Way You Make A Fist Says A Lot About Your Personality; Find Out What

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We’ve all been in a situation where we’ve made a fist, either as an expression of anger or right before hitting something (or an unfortunate someone). It might come as a surprise but not everyone makes a fist the same way. There are basically three different ways you can make a fist. Body language speaks volumes about the people we really are on the inside. Each type of fist reveals something unique about your personality.

It can reveal your temperament, your attitude towards life, the type of reaction you’ll have in a situation, and the sort of company you’re likely to keep. There are obviously exceptions to these rules but generally, they hold true. Before reading any further, make a fist and see which type you fit into.

Type A

This type of fist shows a gentility of spirit. Note how the thumb gently rests beside the other four digits. You’re likely to have a high emotional quotient and a high level of empathy. This means before acting you take into account how other people feel. This means you are usually the go-to person for any circumstance. You are sensitive at most times and show compassion to others. You are considerate of other people. You always keep them in mind in a highly selfless manner.

On the inside, you are meticulous and creative. You show a high level of organisation. You are a good mixture of being social and keeping to yourself – a salad of introversion and extroversion. You expect what you want as soon as possible and hate delays in something you’re pursuing.

All of this means you’re likely to be taken advantage of. You need to be aware of other people’s intentions. The worst of it is that your personality points towards a reluctance to protest. You might let people take you for a ride even if you know they are doing so. Be cautious with people but don’t forget to be yourself.

Type B

This type of fist belongs to a talented individual. You are suave; charming people with your charisma. You are bent towards the extroversion side – highly social and impulsive but in a good way. The way your thumb covers your other four digits reveal that you don’t bottle up anything on the inside. You put everything out there. This might not even be a conscious decision but you can’t help but be open with your emotions. You speak in a straight-forward manner and don’t hesitate to be outspoken.

On the inside, you are highly motivated and full of ambition. You might have a secret aim that you’re working on that you don’t trust others with. You want to keep the goals to yourself as others might not comprehend them. You work on your aim on your own and don’t lose focus of what you really want.

The downside is that you might be viewed in the wrong light by some people. This shouldn’t concern you, however, and you should keep working on your goal. What people think of you is their problem and not yours. Keep working on your goal!

Type C

This type of fist shows a bend towards being introverted. Notice how the thumb is hidden by the other four digits. This is similar to how you hide your thoughts and feelings from others except a chosen few. You don’t mix a lot with people and prefer isolation. You don’t have a huge set of friends because you hate drama. You gel with only a few people and keep good company. You prefer those who are straightforward. You know that a lot of people are fraudulent and avoid those that seem to put on a phony personality.

On the inside, you only want people in your life that you can have conversations with that actually mean something. You want to converse about something deeper than the generic chit-chat. You like the company of those you choose, but after a certain point, you need to be on your own. Having your own space and privacy is important to you. You hate people who waste your time and those that get into your space without your say.

You are a gentle spirit, not willing to hurt anyone. You are at your best in solitude, ruminating on your own. This gives you a sense of tranquillity.

Reading body language is more of an art than a science and it can sometimes be wrong. However, these three types of fists are usually a good indicator of the sort of person you are. Regardless of what kind of person you are supposed to be like, there are plenty of plus points. So, remember that you don’t need changing and for all you know, the type of fist you have, in your case, doesn’t really match your personality.

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