These Zodiac Pairs Are The Most Passionate And Powerful Together!

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Compatibility and the fire of passion are two things everybody looks for in a relationship. Without them, a relationship is unexciting and quite problematic. While testing the waters is one way of finding out if your relationship has both of these elements, the other way is to match you and your partner’s zodiac signs to see if they work!

Here are the best pairs of zodiac signs that make the most passionate and powerful couples:

1. Aries With Libra

A headstrong and aggressive sign, Aries likes to take control. Even in a relationship. They dislike mind games and prefer a passionate and fiery partner in bed, making Leos and Scorpios suitable for them! However, they are most attracted to the carefree nature of a Libra as it offers them a meaningful relationship and helps in keeping them grounded while nurturing their adventurous spirit.

Aries is least compatible with Taurus as the latter doesn’t allow the former to be in charge.

2. Taurus With Virgo

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Family-oriented and highly traditional, Taurus is a sign that wants to be wooed by a display of OTT romantic gestures. This makes them compatible with Virgo as this sign shares family values with Taurus and also brings an awesome sexual relationship into the play.

However, in case of overtly strong Taurean personalities, Scorpios prove to be a better match. Taureans stay away from Sagittarians as they are way too adventurous for the grounded bull.

3. Gemini With Sagittarius

Funny, quick-witted, and kind of airy, Geminis gel well with those who never attempt to cut off their wings. Which is why you will find them getting along with Sagittarians who match the Gemini wit to wit and complement their impulsiveness by being impulsive on their own.

Geminis do not like Capricorns as they come across as too much of a homebody for their liking.

4. Cancer With Taurus

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Cancerians are very selfless, compassionate, and full of empathy. They’d rather have a deep and meaningful relationship over a one-night stand, which makes them a good match for Taurus as the latter sign values emotional connections too. A typical date night for this pair is made up of watching movies while curling up on the couch.

Cancerians and Leos are a disaster as Cancerians can’t tolerate the blunt outspokenness of the Leonine sign.

5. Leo With Aries

The spotlight is always on a Leo. They always have suitors because they’re so passionate and popular. Attentive as lovers and great at giving gifts, Leos deserve a partner who’s as passionate as them, which they find in Aries. Even though they’d have huge fights, they’ll make up in a huge way too, testifying to their compatibility!

Leos and Scorpios don’t get along as the former is not fond of the latter’s intensity.

6. Virgo With Scorpio

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Virgos pay attention to detail and love order and perfection in life more than anything else. They desire a perfect and stable love life too, which they find in a Scorpio. Virgos feel a strong connection with Scorpios and prove to be attentive and intimate partners. They balance out the Scorpion’s sexuality and zest for life.

Virgos cannot stand Sagittarians, whom they find very airy.

7. Libra With Gemini

Libra and Gemini are a match made in heaven. The tact of a Libra is complemented by the wit of a Gemini, making them one hell of a pair. Together they have mentally stimulating conversations that keep both of them alive and growing. Libra’s stability keeps the flighty Gemini in check.

Librans find Virgos to be extremely boring and unimaginative.

8. Scorpio With Pisces

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Tough on the outside but soft on the inside, Scorpions crave for a sensitive partner, which they find in Pisces. Both of them are highly emotional signs and are capable of understanding each other on a deeper level, catering to each other’s needs.

One sign Scorpions stay miles away from is Aries, whom they view as superficial and exhausting.

9. Sagittarius With Aquarius

With a strong wanderlust as their defining feature, Sagittarians do well with a partner who fuels their desire for travel. Being interesting is a quality they look for – a quality which Aquarians personify. Aquarians are as adventurous and open-minded as Sagittarians and together they have the most exciting times.

Taureans, who are ground and family-oriented, are the exact opposite to Sagittarians.

10. Capricorn With Virgo

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Capricorn is a goal-driven, ambitious sign. They act aloof because they are afraid to get hurt even though they really want to form deep and intimate connections. Virgos fulfil their needs as they share the same values as a Capricorn.

Capricorns have a general dislike for Gemini as they don’t like their impulsive and carefree attitude.

11. Aquarius With Libra

Aquarians are activists, always fighting for justice. They are very intelligent, perceptive, and idealistic, always seeking a partner who shares their values. Libra is the sign that does this as they too believe in equality and will cheer the Aquarians on to fulfil their dreams.

Aquarians prefer not to be with Cancerians as the latter are unable to understand them.

12. Pisces With Capricorn

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Creativity personified and multitalented, Pisceans want a stable partner who can see them through everything in life. Capricorns provide that stability as well as understanding and appreciation, which the Pisces, as an artist, loves.

For a Piscean, it’s impossible to tolerate a Virgo as they are quite messy while Virgos are perfectionists.

If you and your partner’s zodiac signs do not match according to this list, do not panic. Chances are you were always meant to be. For the rest, this is surely a fun way to know what’ll work and what won’t!

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