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Let’s all admit it, the moment we get to host a party, we awaken our inner Monica Gellar. We might be lazy at heart, and keep our room like a shack, but the moment you are given the responsibility of hosting a party, the shanty transforms into a beautiful ballroom, (good enough to invite the Queen!) We honestly believe being a good host is an art that requires a lot of sound judgment and experience. It is similar to magically cleaning the house within an hour that you have been procrastinating for weeks. It is also a skill we must admit. While we can’t dictate what exactly you should do as every host is unique, we certainly have a list of a few don’ts that keep you from wearing the ribbon of hospitality. Read to know them all!

  • Don’t Overlook Guest’s Needs

Don't Overlook Guest's Needs
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Your guest’s needs are one of the most important responsibilities as a host, and you need to make sure your guests have their demands met even if they don’t ask it out loud out of politeness. Taking note of the guests’ requirements is crucial, so you don’t have to rush out to get the things during the party. For example, if it is a family gathering, and your grandmother prefers to go to bed earlier, give her a peaceful place to rest away from the party noise. Be it the food, seating, or entertainment, make a note of each person attending the gathering and what they would like. You should know about each person’s likes and dislikes to make sure all of them are happy and have a good sense of admiration for your consideration for others. You don’t need to do a full-fledged hospitality course to get these things right and in order.

  • Don’t Settle For The Basics

Don't Settle For The Basics
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If you are hosting a gathering, there is no way you should settle for the ordinary. This is the time you replace everything with fancy. Be it the silverware, table cloths, towels, or soaps; everything needs to be a little extra special for the occasion. If you somehow don’t own fancy stuff and don’t have the budget to buy, make sure you at least get the decor of the room right. One of the best ways to doll up a room is to hang wall hangings and some green pots. It will automatically make the room aesthetically pleasing. You can also purchase fairy lights for that dreamy aesthetic. The right lighting makes the room inviting even if your house’s decor is on the minimal side.

Pro Tip: If you are unsure how to make things beautiful in a day, you can always depend on flowers! Flowers brighten your room in an instant. You can opt for local flowers or artificial flowers that will fill your entire space without pinching your budget.

  • Experiment With Something New

Experiment With Something New
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If you have been a host for a long time, and you feel all the parties feel monotonous, you can always add a unique element to it. Be it an innovative menu, a new form of entertainment, or decoration. Make sure all your parties have a bizarre element people can take back from the gathering.

  • Always Have Plenty

Always Have Plenty
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There is nothing worse than running out of things at a party. Be it the food or the places to sit, always arrange for extras. As a host, you have to be prepared for almost everything. So keep in mind not to strictly count and purchase according to the number of guests. Always purchase extra food, paper plates, and drinks to make sure you never run out. It is actually a bummer if you run out of something that your guests want even if they don’t mind. So save yourself the after-party guilt and come through with the best host title.

  • Be Ready To Apologize

Be Ready To Apologize
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It’s sad, but a good host should know how to apologize when they have done absolutely nothing wrong. There will be instances when a particular guest will try to pick up a fight or say something to kill the mood. You have to be ready with your sorry gun and shoot before there is any sign of a scene.

Pro Tip: This is something borrowed from psychology; if the second serving of the snacks takes more time, instead of saying, “sorry for the delay”, say, “I appreciate your patience and understanding.” Praise always works! You’re welcome!

  • Thank You Notes!

Thank You Notes!
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If you feel return gifts don’t match the kind of gathering you have, you can always work with a cute thank you note. A picture of all the people gathered at the party and a little note at the back works best. It is a fun gesture as you can do whatever you like with it. It can be nostalgic, funny, cute, or just a simple thank you note for your guests.

  • Clean Up After The Guests Leave

Clean Up After The Guests Leave
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We know the most challenging thing about hosting is cleaning up, but leaving it for the next day only makes it worse. Make sure you clean the table first, keep the leftovers in the fridge, and do the dishes. If you have time, you can use a broom to clean the floor, and the rest is safe to leave for the next day.

  • Do Not Pry

Do Not Pry
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Just because you have your guests over does not mean you have control over whom they are talking to on the phone or why they are not in the same room. Everyone needs space, and as much as you are dying to know why your guest said, “It’s over Karen” on the phone, you absolutely should not ask them about it. Unless the crowd is a close group of friends, try not to ask too many questions; it will only make your guest feel uncomfortable. Keep your curiosity to yourself, maybe they will share it with you themselves if they want.

  • Don’t Play Cupid

Don't Play Cupid
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Just because you feel you know two people at your party who will be a potentially good couple, do not try to pair them up! You might think you are doing it shrewdly, and no one will understand, but it is very obvious no matter how sly anyone is about it. It often gets very awkward, and they might not talk after that, even though they would have been good together. It is better to speak to the person directly and let them make a move if they want to.

  • Enjoy Yourself!

Enjoy Yourself!
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Just because you are the host does not mean you have to police around without having fun. No one expects a party to be perfect, and as long as there is plenty of food, refreshments, a dance place, and music, people forgive almost everything. So even if the grill is late or you have to sit on a cushion on the floor, it’s perfectly fine if you are having fun!

As exhausting as being a host can be, some people excel at multitasking like arranging for everything, and entertaining their guests thoroughly. We hope these points will help you get even better at pulling off parties at your home. Do you have any special secrets to hosting the perfect parties? Let us know in the comments. Have fun!

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