11 Things A Guy Will Do If He Truly Loves You!

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Not all men wear their heart on their sleeve all the time. In fact, some may rarely ever utter those three sweet-sounding words you’ve been dying to hear. But that in no way means that your man loves you any less.
Still harboring doubts?

If so, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve got a sure-shot method that will help you discover whether your guy truly loves you or not. All you have to do is keep an eye out for certain signs. If your partner does most of these 11 telltale things, you can be sure that he is truly, madly and deeply in love with you!

1. He Will Be Protective Of You

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This doesn’t exclusively mean that he will beat up a gang of goons for you, although it does include that. If your man truly loves you, he will always act protective of you. He’ll place himself in front of you when the army of cockroaches comes to attack and he’ll hold you close in the dark after that horror movie. More importantly, he will always defend you in case anyone ever tries to badmouth you.

2. He Will Take Pride In You

No matter how big or small your achievements are; this guy will always take pride in the things you do. He will laud your efforts in case you don’t reach your goal. And if you do, he’d be the first one to put it on social media with a cutesy caption like, ‘she did it!’ or ‘I’m so proud of her.’

No, this man is not going to shy away from flaunting you.

3. He Will Woo You

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Sure, he’ll make things hot and heavy in the bedroom but that’s not the only area where he’s going to ‘shower you with all his love.’ If he truly loves you, he will get intimate and romantic with you in various ways. He will take you out on a date, hold your hands, share the sunset with you or show that he loves you with recurring sweet gestures.

4. He Will Like What You Like

The guy who truly loves his girl knows the value of adjustment and compromise. He will be respectful of your choices. And even though he makes fun of that TV show you watch, he will still give up on his favorite football match to watch your show’s season finale with you.

This guy is going to respect what you like with no regrets.

5. He Will Surprise You

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He knows how hard you work for this relationship. To show that he acknowledges it and even appreciates it, he will make it a point to surprise you from time to time. He may send a bouquet of the flowers you like when you’re at work. Or he may just whisk you away for a weekend getaway. Sometimes he’ll surprise you without any reason.

6. He Won’t Forget Important Dates

Generally, guys may suck at dates but the one who loves you won’t. He will remember everything. From the date when you both first started talking to the day when you kissed for the first time, as well as birthdays and anniversaries – he’s not going to forget any of these events even after years of being with you.

7. He Will Help You

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Whether it’s washing the dishes or giving your pet pooch a bath, you won’t find him lazing around when you need help. He’ll always lend a helping hand and even a shoulder to cry on when you feel down and out.

8. He Won’t Mind If You Occupy The Entire Bed

He’d nestle himself into a small corner of the bed if that’s what it takes to keep you warm and cozy at night. You’ll never find him fighting for bed space or blanket share with you. His top priority will be to ensure you get your beauty sleep uninterrupted.

9. He Will Respect You

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When a fight breaks out between the two of you, you will never find him abusing you in any way. Neither will you ever see him degrading you in front of his friends or family. He will respect you for who you are and will always include you in all his decisions, big or small.

10. He Will Listen To You

This guy is not going to get bored of you even if you go on chattering like a monkey for hours. In fact, he’ll take interest in whatever you have to say and will love that you’re so passionate about things.

11. He Will Always Be Happy To See You

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Even if you have had the ugliest of fights, when you appear before him, his face will always soften. And this holds true even when he’s had a bad day. Seeing you will always make things better for him.

If your man does all of these things, you can be confident that you have found ‘The One.’ So go ahead and put a ring on him already!

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