Got A tattoo? Great! Here’s What It Says About You!

by Shivani K

Every single tattoo is a statement in itself, even if it reads as a “drunken mistake.” From crosses to hearts and butterflies, from flowers to birds, and even the punctuation marks — they all are a statement! Each single tattoo is like a personal symbol; a symbol of personal experience, a feeling or a story. Some get a tattoo inked on themselves to mark a celebration, while some get it done to remind themselves of dark times that they’ve sailed through. Some even get a tattoo done in the dedication of another being. All this being said, there are so many things that make a tattoo unique, doesn’t it?


Generally, some people find a reason to get a tattoo done before figuring the design of their tattoo. On the contrary, some are a sucker for body art and they just randomly walk into a studio and get inked! And if you’ve been observing, every other street and mall in your town might be having a tattoo studio stationed. The popularity of this body art is on a rise like never before, and it is this popularity that has garnered the attention of many social scientists. There are people out there who are studying the motivations behind why people get a particular tattoo and how others perceive them. Studies have been proving how understanding a tattoo of a person is equal to opening the door to their psyche (1). So, if you’ve got a tattoo, this is probably what it’s saying about you to others.

1. That You’re An Extrovert


An individual who is an extrovert feels energized because of participation in social activities. You’ll usually find them saying, “I’m a very fun-loving person” or “I’m very talkative.” Having a tattoo is also a symbol that you are very fun-loving, friendly, affectionate, and talkative.

2. That You Seek And Adore Experiences


People with tattoos constantly look forward to seeking new experiences in life. They don’t like to live by a single tune. Tattooed people love experiencing a different culture; they love it when life takes them on an adventurous road. Be it physically, emotionally, mentally, or intellectually — they are always in search of something new that gives them a fresh experience.

3. That You Are Very Unique


It is observed that people with tattoos have an intense urge to be unique in their lives. This can also be the case if the particular person belongs to an orthodox society and getting inked will help that person stand unique among the rest. Also, for some, getting a tattoo makes them feel in control of their bodies.

Once, you’ve selected the design of the tattoo you want to get inked, the next step would be to decide where should it go on your body, right? It turns out that, there is certain symbolism concerning the placement of the tattoo. The left side of the arm, the right foot or the wrist — where you decide to get your tattoo isn’t a random choice; it has a meaning of its own. Let’s take a look at that now.



Having a serious tattoo on the forearm signals that the person is tough and strong. If the tattoo is on the feminine side, then it signals that the person is emotional on the inside and pretends to be tough on the outside.



A tattoo at the front of the neck, although easily noticeable by everyone, usually gets hidden by a neckpiece or a scarf. This shows that the person wants attention and wants the tattoo to get noticed.

A tattoo at the nape of the neck is very common among the girls. They usually pick this spot if they want their tattoos to remain covered. A person with a tattoo on the nape comes across as a person, who wants to voice out opinions and at the same time, wants to do it in a way that there will be no consequences of it.

Behind The Ear


Tattoos behind the ear are usually tiny and sweet. And those who get tattoos done here are known to be free-spirited.



A thigh tattoo speaks of a sentimental connection. It can also be regarded as mysterious because thighs are part of the body which is hidden most of the time.



It’s the girls who pick wrists to get their tattooed. They do so to show that they are unique from the rest of the girls. Also, they don’t like larger tattoos.



Here the meaning depends on not just the placement, but also the size of the tattoo. If it’s a half sleeve tattoo, it signals that the person loves creativity and is very career-oriented.

If the person has a full sleeve tattoo; this usually means that the person isn’t on a lookout for a typical job. And that person is someone who lives by his/her own rules.

Who must’ve thought that a tattoo whose meaning is guarded by us can represent other meanings to the world outside, right? While your tattoo might mean something to you, it might be signaling something different to others. Do you have tattoos? What does it mean? Let us know in the comments below.

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