9 Things About College Life That Bollywood Always Seems To Get Wrong

Written by Sudeshna Chakravarti

Bollywood is notorious for giving us false expectations. Thanks to certain Bollywood movies, we grew up with unrealistic hopes, crazy relationship goals, and a huge misunderstanding of what college life would entail. And it’s not our fault, of course! You see, for Bollywood, college is nothing but surreal resort-like buildings with pretty girls and handsome boys flaunting their high-end cars and latest designer clothes, who believe that the college driveway is their fashion runway. And how can we forget the extravagant dance competitions, ravishing parties, and life-changing sports events? Reality check: Not everyone’s college life is as happening and flashy as a Karan Johar movie. It is far from being dreamy, and often you might hear yourself saying, “It’s not fair. College life is so stressful. Why does it keep happening to me?” than “I love college life, thanks to this place, I found the love of my life.”

Here are 9 things about college life experiences that Bollywood got miserably wrong and needs to apologize for.

1. Freshmen Rarely Make An Entry In Their Fancy Sports Car



No. Literally no one drives in a flashy red Maserati or Mercedes on their first day of college. That only happens in a KJo movie, for instance, “Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham”. It doesn’t happen in real life. In fact, the only thing that students worry about on their first day of college is making it to the classes on time. Nobody wants to leave a bad impression on their teachers on the very first day. And yes, most students travel in crowded metros or buses. Some are even considered lucky if they can find a comfortable spot to stand.

2. Trust us! Students Just Don’t Move In With One Suitcase And A Backpack



One of the funny things about Bollywood films is watching the actor or the actress bid goodbye to their parents and walk in with just one backpack and a tiny box of their belongings. But the actual scenario is quite different. You see students and parents struggling to unload a million suitcases and multiple backpacks that are completely stuffed. You need so much stuff for college. There is no way people can move in with just one suitcase.

3. Everyone Is Either Cool Or A Nerd, There Is No In Between

Everyone Is Either Cool Or A Nerd, There Is No In Between


In movies, there are only two kinds of people in college. One who is always in the library and carries thick books wherever they go. And the other kind is the cool one, who is always partying and never makes it to class on time. Sorry to break it to you, Bollywood, but most students have a healthy mix of studying and having fun.

4. It Is Absolutely Unnecessary To Spend Any Time On Studying. Wrong!



So, here’s the thing! In films, books and movies don’t go together. Now that’s an unreal expectation. In reality, your entire schedule revolves around assignments, projects, studying for exams, and thesis research. With all this pressure, students rarely get time to relax or have a night out with friends.

5. Love Doesn’t Come Easy And It Is Not As Dramatic As Shown



If you are expecting to find “the one” on the first day of your college, then good luck, buddy. Because you are going to find yourself juggling between orientations and class introductions. There won’t be any time for you to have an accidental collision or meet-cute with “the one”, and even if you meet them, chances are, there will not be any music in the background. So, hang in there.

6. The Teachers Are Definitely Not As Hot As Sushmita Sen



None of the teachers dress like Sushmita Sen’s character from “Main Hoon Na” in actual college life. The teachers are mainly worried about finishing the syllabus, guiding the students, and checking if everyone has finished their assignments. But if there were to be any teacher like Sushmita Sen IRL, we bet that class would have high attendance.

7. No One Suddenly Breaks Into A Song And Dance



Every student in a Bollywood movie with a college-life representation is shown to break into a song and dance any time of the day. But don’t worry, this scenario rarely happens unless there is a flash mob during college fest. Students are way too tired to break into a dance every time they meet a friend or teacher.

8. Nobody Is Allowed To Dress Like A Model



How do all the actors representing students dress like that? Every movie shows actors all decked up in the latest collections from high-end designers, ready to walk the runway. Most colleges don’t allow students to wear sleeveless or crop tops. In fact, many colleges now have compulsory uniforms that students must follow.

9. College Life Isn’t As Dazzling As Shown. People Do Deal With Homesickness, Loneliness, And Anxiety



Honestly, college life isn’t all fun and games. It isn’t as glittery as the B-town blockbusters. Burnouts happen frequently, and mental breakdowns are a real thing. And almost every student deals with homesickness and loneliness. Many even face anxiety due to curriculum pressure. It’s like a constant battle.

Although Bollywood still hasn’t cracked the code to represent real college life, the one thing that they depict aptly is that the friendships we make in college, last forever. Friends who see the best and worst versions of us, friends with whom we overcome every stressful situation, and friends who are our ultimate chai partner. College friends will always be there for you.

What is that one false expectation that you believe Bollywood needs to stop showing? Comment below.

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