7 Things You’ll Relate To If You Live For Gossip And Love “Spilling The Tea”

by Niharika Nayak

Sure, we’ve been told that gossiping is a very bad habit, and something we shouldn’t indulge in. However, you’d be lying if you said that it isn’t your guilty pleasure. Everybody needs a little bit of hot gossip in their life. And hey, there is nothing wrong with being a gossip queen. If someone doesn’t treat you well or is rude to you simply because you like to occasionally indulge in gossip, they aren’t worth keeping around in your life anyway. If you’re someone who likes to regularly “spill the tea”, and engage in gossiping with your pals, then there’s probably a lot of things on our list that you will be able to relate to. Here are seven things all gossip queens, kings and even jesters can relate to:

1. You Often End Up “Accidentally” Eavesdropping


You have really sharp ears and you cannot help eavesdropping on others’ conversations sometimes. Even when you don’t plan on eavesdropping, you might find yourself doing so accidentally. Because you’re so used to gossiping, you probably keep your ears open and your eyes peeled even when you shouldn’t be.

2. You Can Read Body Language Well


You’re really good at reading people like a book. You can notice that they might not be their regular self. Heck, you can probably even tell if someone is lying to you based on the body language that they might be displaying. Guess all those hours you spent browsing through YouTube really made a difference and helped you out. You’re so good at reading body language that you can often unveil people’s secrets simply by looking at the way they behave around others.

3. FBI Needs To Hire You


Your detective skills are top notch and you can find out exactly what your friend’s bf may be up to simply by asking a few questions. Move over Sherlock Holmes and Nancy Drew, you’re here to take over the detective scene and prove to the world that you are as good a detective as any of the greats. Once you smell a mystery, you will do whatever it takes to solve it. Even if it means having to do something “shady”.

4. “I Heard It Through The Grapevine” Is Your Catchphrase


If people wonder where you manage to get most of your gossip from, you simply tell them that you have “sources”. Like a true magician, you will never reveal your secrets. But what people don’t realize is that the reason you have so many sources is because you’re kind to those around you and make them feel like they can openly speak to you. Being a people’s person can have tonnes of benefits and you can get information from anybody. Whether it is your neighbor’s maid or the building security guard or even the newspaper vendor down the street, you have eyes and ears all over your locality.

5. A Bit Of Gossip Everyday Is Perfect To Keep The Gloom Away


When you’re having a bad day, you don’t like to eat a tub of ice cream or watch some sappy movie on the internet. No, you love hearing some new gossip. For you, there is no better pick-me-up than gossiping with your pals and those you love. Juicy gossip can always put you in a better mood and no matter who you’re hearing it from, it genuinely helps make you feel uplifted. A good tea spilling session can make the world a much better place for you.

6. You Own A Little Box Of Secrets


Nobody is going to want to mess with you because you know enough secrets to cause major inconveniences. You know who likes who, who’s cheating on who, who secretly eats out of dumpsters and so many other life-changing secrets that can really change the course of someone’s social life. The truth of the matter is that you know way too many secrets of the people in your life and you aren’t afraid to remind them of the same when they are testing your patience. Hey, if super strength is a superpower, knowing people’s deepest and darkest secrets should be as well!

7. Social Media Stalking Is Your Forte


We’re not encouraging stalking in any way but casually stalking someone on their social media accounts is definitely not a big deal. As soon as your best friend tells you that she has a crush on someone, you’ve pulled out the person’s bio data and found out their entire dating history. And hey, as a best friend it is important for you to run a background check on the person that your best friend is interested in.

In the end, all that matters is that you’re having a good time and not divulging secrets that could literally ruin someone else’s life. While you may be the first person to get news, it’s important that you don’t let your gossip loving status be the only noteworthy thing about you, however. Do let us know if you can relate to any of the points we’ve stated in our article in the comment section below.

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Niharika Nayak

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