9 Things Every Non-Bengali Person Dating A Bengali Person Should Know

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Let’s be honest here; there is no way you could walk past the beautiful eyes and sharp brain without falling hopelessly in love with them. Yes, we are talking about the bong beauties who have some magical way of enticing the world without even trying. We genuinely adore Bengalis for the way they bring up their daughters and instill confidence in them. Now that you have developed a massive crush on a bong beauty, here are a few things you should know that may increase your chances of her noticing you!

1. Bongs Are Best Friends With Food

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Typically Punjabis are associated with the term foody and have earned the term for the ghee-laden diet. But ever thought of what a Bengali girl eats daily? First of all, bongs cannot imagine a world without delicious food. Food is life, and they live to eat. While the whole of India goes non-veg on Navratri, bonds feast on everything. From the simplest bhog khichri to the spiciest mutton curry, they are trained to wipe food clean off our plate ‘sona muk kore’, which translates to, like a good girl.

2. Forever Sweet Tooth

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Bengalis didn’t invent rosogolla for nothing! They have a thing for sweets, and every meal calls for something sugary. Sugar fee-free is something that they only read in books. The sparkly whites are all thanks to an excellent dental care routine! So if you ever have to impress a bong girl, the list starts with a box full of sondesh, kalakand, and rasmalai!

3. They Are Loud (Not Sorry!)

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Don’t be fooled by Vicky Donor. Bongs may look civilized in public, but wait until a wedding, football match, Pujo, or an election! They don’t need alcohol to go wild; the ullu dhoni and shaak are enough to create a racket. Also, if you are made to believe that Bengalis are soft-spoken, you are in for a surprise! Bongs are boisterous and have a pinch of protest in their blood. Also, it’s the pitch; they don’t mean to shout!

4. Bongs Respect Liberal Setup

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Bengali girls don’t need to be called beta to be told she is equal to boys. She is called ma even by her own father to show love. Thankfully very few families are inclined towards a boy child, and they welcome lokkhi (girl child) in the family and give her equal opportunity. So if you are signing up for dating a bong girl, she will be a princess who is taught not to bow down. All the best trying to deal with a brazen feminist who makes her point very loud and clear.

5. They Are In Love With Their Culture

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No one is a bigger fan of their culture as much as a Bongo Nari. She knows her roots and will be pulled towards them. So one thing you have to stay clear of is making fun of her language and heritage. If anything, do some research on what he likes, the specialty of her place, the kind of songs she likes, her favorite author, and you might make it to her list of favorite people!

6. Bongs Are Superbly Talented

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A Bengali girl who hasn’t been put into music class, dance class, or art class as a child is scarce. Talent runs in their blood, and even if they don’t have a good voice, they sure know their songs. If you want to date a bong girl, get to know her playlist and memorize one of her favorite songs. She will surely admire the efforts.

7. A Bindi And Kajal Is All It Takes

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Every festival calls for good clothes, but Bengalis don’t need much to steal hearts. Just a borrowed saree from mom, a red bindi, and kajal are enough to make the statement. They know they have it, and they don’t shy away from flaunting it.

8. They Have A Thing For Books

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We understand that not everyone can put their nose in a book all day, but this is a lifestyle for a Bengali. They enjoy various genres and like deep talks on literature. If you don’t want the same, there go your chances of having a pleasant conversation!

9. They Dig Fish

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It is no surprise that bongs love fish. They are associated with maach bhat and secretly like it! A Bengali girl will know the fish just by the look of it. If she grew up in a traditional bong household, she would know how to cook it from scratch too. You might get lucky with a nice fish curry served just for you.

So now that you know what bong girls are made of, you might as well adore her for her personality. Do you know any bong girl you could relate these points with? Be sure to mention her in the comments! Tata!

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