11 Things Men Pay Attention To But You Don’t

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We all often rant about just how unobservant our man can be; however, don’t underestimate his observational skills. You will be surprised by the things that a man does notice about you and ponders over when he’s by himself! Oh, and he’ll totally save those tidbits that he spots to himself then bring it out on a later date to score “Aww, he noticed!” brownie points with you in the future.

Really, we’re not making this up. Bae is more observant than you give him credit for, and he will spot things about you that even you have yet to discover. Hence, to help a sister out, here are the top 11 things he’s bound to note and keep to himself!

1. How Much Meat You Eat

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You can bet he notices just how much you eat on a date. And before you panic and start thinking this is a cue to peck on your food like a tiny, little bird, let us hit you with some truth – men prefer women who make don’t make them feel like a pig during meals. Most guys actually like women who have a healthy appetite as it makes them feel comfortable enough to be themselves.

2. How Much Makeup You Wear

He may not be able to tell the difference between mascara and eyeliner, but he can tell when you’re wearing makeup. And, surprisingly, according to guys, when a woman does wear makeup, it makes them feel happy because it gives them the impression that you made an effort to impress him. But, at the same time, too much makeup can be a turn-off. So, find the balance!

3. Your Go-To Drink

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When you’ve been on a few dates with your man, he’ll know your beverage preferences down to pat. In fact, he’ll know your go-to drinks according to occasions and moods – red wine during steak, water during dinner, gin and tonic with colleagues, and white wine when you want to have a good venting session – something you’d never notice yourself!

4. The Color You Most Often Don

Oh, yeah, he’ll notice just what colors you prefer to wear, whether they’re wild and bold or soft and subdued. And he’ll try to wear colors that compliment your outfit as well. If you notice that he does, be sure to compliment your man for it as it is an incredibly sweet gesture!

5. Nail Polish Or Clear Nails

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This is probably a very trivial detail for you, but to a man? Well, he notices your hands. And at the back of his mind, he’ll note down just how you prefer to have your nails groomed – what shape, size, and colors you prefer.

6. Activities You Enjoy More Than Others

Some men enjoy challenging their sweethearts to outrageous athletic dates just to see how far their woman is willing to go with them. It’s a strange concept, for sure. And it can be a tad unnerving to discover that guys observe how you handle athletics in the relationship; however, they do this to gauge just how far you’re willing to leave your comfort zone for them.

7. Your Smile

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Most guys, when questioned about the most memorable thing they noted upon their first interaction with their women, well, they all say it was her smile. This simple, everyday expression can steal hearts, make new friends, and also make the right guy weak in his knees when correctly used!

8. Your Quirky Habits

If you’re a bit different or geeky or plain weird at times, men will notice. And the right guy? He’ll actually be secretly proud of you for being different while simultaneously finding you adorable!

9. Your Musical Preferences

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Men will always notice what kind of music their woman likes to jam to. And when a woman feels comfortable enough to be herself and sing, men will notice that as well. And find it loveable (even if it’s majorly off-key)!

10. The Things That Trouble You

Men do notice when their woman is troubled and upset. They just have trouble with deciding upon how to handle it. Most men will wait for their woman to open up and confide in them when she’s ready. Others will try to get her mind off things by attempting to cheer her up.

11. The Things That Perk You Up

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Men adore it when their woman is happy! Which is why whatever it is that makes you smile, from puppies to mint chocolate chip ice cream, men will note it down and keep it to themselves in order to recreate your smile on a future date!

After reading this list, we do hope you realize that the right man is much more observant of his woman than you’d give him credit for! If you liked this article, do share it with friends and loved ones.

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