11 Things Only People Born Before 2000 Will Truly Understand

by Shivani K

For centuries now, man has constantly been evolving. Every single thing that we do today, be it our thought process or the gadgets we use — they are all the outcome of an evolution of something that existed before us. When we compare the present world of 2000s with the 90s world, they are poles apart, isn’t it? Ask any millennial and they’d admit that growing up in the 90s was a blessing in disguise. It was the time when we living the old school ways and slowly learning and accommodating what technology is and what it can do.

Don’t you remember sharing CDs and VCDs with your friends and family whenever you wanted some entertainment in digital terms? The 90s cartoons still stand out as the best cartoons till date. We used to “burn” new CDs with our favorite music. And that first time learning to use MS Paint, we struggled to draw a simple sun or a tree, isn’t it? People born before 2000s lived in a nostalgic world where they were constantly discovering new things that have now become a norm of our everyday reality now.

We decided to take you down the memory lane of every kid who was born before the 2000s. Let’s walk this lane together.

1. Walkman Was Every Music Lover’s Best Friend


Back then we didn’t have mp3 music players that could fit in our jeans pockets. The only portable personalized music players that were first introduced were the Walkmans. It’s basically a brand of personalized stereo devices manufactured by Sony company. Their Walkmans made our life much better and musical.

2. When Navigation Required Some Serious Geographic Skills


Nobody has a personal virtual assistant that gave voice directions like today. Back in those days, when people had to travel, they always kept the local maps in handy. They’d navigate around searching for the particular street on the map and get to their destination.

3. Time Pass Was Made With The Famous Cootie Catchers


While kids these days watch videos and play video games like building a house or a garden to sharpen their intellectual abilities. In the 1900s, kids learned papercrafts and made these cootie catchers out of paper and played “Color Color which color do you choose?” Raise your hands if you loved this game!

4. Computer Games Were Complex, Really Complex

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When desktops were introduced and found its place in homes in the late 1900s, computer games like minesweeper were a huge hit. But admit it people from the 1900s, you had no idea what minesweeper was all about and you’d still play it and celebrate if the score was a little above 100, isn’t it?

5. This Rigmarole You Had To Deal With To Enjoy Playing Solitaire

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There were very few computer shortcuts back then. If one had to pick a game and play, they had to do the whole rigmarole of hitting the start button -> programs -> accessories -> games -> Solitaire. And Solitaire was one game everybody loved playing as it was challenging and it wasn’t very tough as well. People could learn, improve, and win while playing this game.

6. When We Had To Search Phone Directory (Yellow Pages) For Lost Phone Numbers


If you wanted the number of a person whose number you’ve lost, the only way to get that phone number again was to pick up the yellow pages phone directory, and search for the name of that person in the book. The directory had phone numbers in the alphabetical order of the names, which made the cumbersome search somewhat easier.

7. Ice cream Was Bought Only From Ice Cream Vans


Very few cities had ice cream parlors back then. In the rest of the countrysides, the only way kids got to enjoy ice creams were when they heard the Ice cream van’s bell ring. Do you still remember which day of the week the ice cream van visited your place?

8. Watching Home Alone Movie Was A Must During Christmas

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The first part of this movie that was released in 1991 was a huge hit with the audience. The movie celebrates the Christmas spirit of being with family and how horrible it would feel otherwise. The comic timing of the movie that merges along with thrill and that topping of innocence, well, every kid from the 90s loved watching this.

9. Blocking Someone From Calling Looked Like This


Today, in every phone, and in every single mobile application that we use, we have the option of hiding our personal data from people we don’t fancy. And we also have the option of blocking the calls of people who we don’t want to talk to. But in the 90s, not wanting to answer calls would simply translate to the image above. Lift the receiver and let it down. Whoever calls on your landline, to them, your phone line will sound as engaged!

10. Rewinding Songs Looked Like This


In the 1900s, there was no button to rewind a song while playing it on your music player. The only way to rewind a cassette would be to use a pencil, pen or any such tool, fix it in the hole of the cassette and rewind it manually. Just like picture above.

11. It Was The Golden Age Of CDs


The 90s was also the time when compact disks aka CD defined storage. Any song, picture, video, file, etc. you wanted to store in a portable manner, you had to burn the CD with that information. There was no pen drive, or additional hard disk for storing those.

Now, didn’t this take you down the memory lane? It’s always a good idea to reminisce what you’ve lived through no matter how advanced the world becomes with every passing day. Comment which one from the above list you miss the most.

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