9 Things Single Women Need To Be Aware Of While Renting A House

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If you have approached a landlord about renting a house on your own, and they have returned your request with a puzzled and skeptical look, then you are not alone, sister! Sadly, a woman renting a house or a flat on her own is still seen as a massive threat to society. What if she figures out she can live independently and doesn’t need a partner? Thankfully, women have gone past these wrinkled assumptions and opinions, and more and more women are confidently living independently in all parts of the world. If you are a woman who has thought of moving out, we salute you. Here are some things to be aware of while choosing a place for yourself to get the best deal on the house always. Read on!

1. Ask Questions


Be it the first home you rent or the 10th, don’t assume things without clarifying with your landlord. Before signing the documents, go through every clause and ask about it till you are delighted with the deal.

2. Find The Red Flags


When you walk into the new place, you are already picturing where you will place the bed and how you will decorate your drawing room. However, now is the time to put the house to test and detect the red flags. It can be about the ventilation, the amount of sunlight the rooms get, the access to the main road, the supply of running water, and so on.

3. Have Roommates


If you live alone and in a big apartment, you can get a roommate to share the expenses. This will also spare you some duties, and you can work together to get the apartment clean. But make sure you take an interview and document your details of the rent agreement and the split in the bills.

4. Avoid Noisy Neighborhood


No one wants to live in an apartment where the floor vibrates to the drums your neighbor plays all night. Or a place where the windows rattle to the bellows of your neighbor shouting. Even if you have a hectic schedule and spend most of the day outside, everyone deserves to sleep in pin-drop silence. So make sure you do a small survey of how noisy your neighbors are.

5. Learn More About Your Neighborhood

Yes, you can’t always control what kind of neighborhood you live in, but you can avoid being stuck in an inhospitable community by trying to know them before you start to live there. Start by asking them about their profession, how they like the place and the pros and cons of being in that locality. Once you get their opinion, ask the other neighbors too. If you feel they are sending you coded signals to not be there, it’s best to look elsewhere.

6. Talk About The Fixings


Before you rent the house and sign in the documents, check the entire house for what needs to be fixed. You don’t have to feel shy about your demands. Check the switches, wall paint, electrical appliances, curtain rods, electrical sockets, and even exhaust fans. You can also negotiate your rent, and if you feel you are not the best at the job, you can call someone who will do a better job on your behalf.

7. Accessibility To Transport


Even if you have your own vehicle, it is essential to have great access to transportation. Make sure you ask about the popular routes and how you can access the other parts of the city, the medical clinic and the market with the help of public transport.

8. Look For New Properties


When renting or buying properties, you can give the proverb’ old is gold’ a rest. The older a house is, the chances are it will need more and more maintenance. Even though it might lure you with subsided prices, it will cost you more to make it look presentable, so try and look for new properties instead.

9. Check For Pest Infestations


Once you rent the flat, the pests living there will be your problem, so you might as well do a thorough search for hidden infestation before saying yes to the place. Pests usually thrive in damp areas, so if there are any signs of water leakage and poor drainage, they attract pests of all kinds. Make sure the house is airy and has proper access to cross ventilation.

No matter which part of the world you settle in, renting a place to live in always raises eyebrows. You might ignore those judgmental and dubious looks thrown at you, but you also have to ensure you don’t make any mistakes regarding the right place to live. Make sure you keep the documents and papers of the rent safely and do not sign on anything without reading it well. So, do you have anything to add to our list? Let us know in the comments section! Take care.

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