10 Things Single-By-Choice Women Want Society To Understand About Them

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Let’s be honest here, being single is a whole new level of freedom and happiness, except for days like Valentine’s and New Year! But you should know that your neighbor aunty worries about your relationship status way more than you ever could. Women are misunderstood for most things, but staying single by choice is number one! The ‘by choice’ is something society easily bypasses, and you will only get sympathetic nods and judgy stares when you tick the single box in your forms. Even though many single women have excelled in their lives and careers, people still connect singlehood to loneliness. Here are a few things every woman who is single by choice would like to shout out to the world!

1. Being Single Is Not Being Lonely!

Okay, this one needs to be repeated till it sinks in. Just because you come home to your cats and dogs, or even a goldfish, it does not mean you are lonely or incomplete in any way. Even if everyone your age has a lover/boyfriend/husband to greet them at the door, you don’t need one for that.

2. You Don’t Need A Man To Be Loved

The most common counter you get for staying single is you will die with no one around you. Well, that’s a scary thought, but that shouldn’t be your driving force to find a man, get married, have kids, and settle down. If you don’t want to die alone, you should make many friends who will be there with you till your last breath!

3. Too Good For A Man

There is a good chance that people think you are independent, full of ambition and pride, so it’s not possible for you to ever settle down with anyone. That is something you should not believe in. Just because you value yourself does not mean you will demean your partner when you are ready to settle down.

4. Single Does Not Mean You Are Unromantic

Being single is by choice, and it does not mean that you are incapable of understanding love or being romantic. You value your time and will not sign in for something that is not worthwhile, but when you like the person, you might turn out to be the most romantic person in the world.

5. Picky For The Right Reasons

Yes, it’s true you don’t wear your heart on your sleeve, but you are also not a robot who is incapable of love. You might take all the time in the world to find a suitor and then take another million years to finally propose or say yes, but it’s okay to be picky when you have to make a choice that will affect you for a lifetime.

6. You Are Not Hung On An Ex

You might have had a problematic relationship in the past, but the fact that you are single now has nothing to do with it. You will laugh it out and be cautious about it, but that won’t hold you back from going into a relationship. You are not single because you couldn’t find a man, it’s because you are not even looking for a man!

7. Not All Married People Suggest You Get Married

It’s not true that everyone who is married will ask you to get married next. People even date for years and then decide to be together and not marry. It’s about understanding boundaries and respecting them. If you are single and want to stay single, it’s time to be firm and not let people paste their advice on you.

8. You Are Not On The Lookout

Singles are not always looking for a match. Finding a partner and settling down is not present in every woman’s to-do list. So the next time you realize one of your colleagues is single, do not try to set random dates for them. Respect their boundaries and let them be!

9. Not Insecure

Just because she is single and not looking for a man does not mean she is insecure about how she is or her looks. Don’t jump to the conclusion that she must have past traumas or something like that. She might be secure enough to believe that she can take care of her needs and aspirations independently.

10. Not Afraid Of Love

Love is something a single woman understands and appreciates thoroughly. For single women, love is not centered around a man only. You can love your family, friends, home, and even pets. Single women are perfectly capable of surviving romantic movies without picturing themselves dancing in it!

So, now that you know the struggles every single woman goes through, you will either relate to them or understand them way better than you used to. It is essential to respect people’s choices and enjoy life as you want to. So, do you know any queen who is ruling her single life? Mention her in the comments section!

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