8 Things That Can Happen If You Stop Wearing Makeup

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Makeup is an art, and if you have successfully mastered the talent of contouring, blending, and finding the perfect shade of makeup that complements your skin tone, we salute you. There are people who apply makeup so flawlessly that they are able to convince everyone that there is no makeup on their skin. However, in a world where walking out without three coats of concealer feels like stripping off your confidence, have you wondered what would happen if you ditched wearing makeup once and for all? Here in this article are some physical, social and physiological changes you will experience once you bid adieu to makeup. Read on to know them all.

1. Your Brain Recognises You Differently

Your Brain Recognises You Differently
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Did you know, when you remove your makeup, your brain stops treating you like a stranger (1)? According to studies, before a person applies makeup, they have the impression that they will be applying makeup on a different person’s face (2). But once they are done applying makeup, they feel their freshly made-up face is theirs. This indicates that a person who wears cosmetics considers their altered appearance to reflect accurately who they are while interacting with others.

2. Your Skin Resists UV Rays Better Without Makeup

Your Skin Resists UV Rays Better Without Makeup
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There are chemicals in certain cosmetics that might cause your skin to become dry and flaky, so be careful while wearing them. For instance, retinol products should be used at night to protect the skin against photoaging (3). Hydroquinone is a compound typically found in skin-lightening face serums, and it increases the skin’s vulnerability to sun damage. If you prefer to go all-natural, you only need high-quality sunscreen for your face. Make sure you never step out of your home without sunscreen, and wash your face with a mild cleaner before you go to sleep.

3. You Look Younger Without Makeup

You Look Younger Without Makeup
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You might have noticed that most women in their 30s and 40s may look younger when they dont use makeup, whereas younger women may look older when they apply makeup to their faces. The use of cosmetics is commonly associated with maturity, so when we put on makeup, others may mistakenly attribute it to mature age.

4. You Are Less Conscious About Your Movements

You Are Less Conscious About Your Movements
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It’s normal to sweat heavily when the weather is hot or when you engage in physical activity during the day. However, full-face makeup may be difficult to maintain throughout the day. With heavy makeup, natural motions like wiping the perspiration off your brow may turn out to be a huge problem. Make sure you wear waterproof makeup if you are not sure about the humidity and rising temperature of the place.

5. People Look At You And Not Your Makeup

People Look At You And Not Your Makeup
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Some people have reported that they were approached differently depending on whether or not they were wearing makeup. They claimed that people are frequently taken aback by their true natures after initially labeling them incredibly scheming. So, even though going makeup free could make people trust you more, if you like makeup, you should choose what makes you happy. You go girl!

6. Natural Look Makes You Look More Approachable

Natural Look Makes You Look More Approachable
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It has been seen that people are more likely to trust a natural face than one covered in excessive makeup. Thus, makeup is more of a foe than a friend when establishing relations with others and earning their confidence.

7. You Receive A Confidence Boost

You Receive A Confidence Boost
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Many renowned psychologists have warned us against the notion that cosmetics are a substitute for confidence. Making ourselves believe we are attractive to others makes us feel better, not cosmetics. Moreover, the benefits of cosmetics like concealer and lipstick on our self-esteem are temporary at best.

8. Maintaining Healthy Skin Can Be Cheaper Without Makeup

Maintaining Healthy Skin Can Be Cheaper Without Makeup
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No matter how expensive the brand is, makeup will clog the skin’s pores. And if your pores remain clogged, you could need to see a dermatologist or try other skin care procedures. When you wear little to no makeup, your skin doesn’t need much care; water and a gentle face cleanser are usually all that’s required. Reduced makeup use has dual benefits: it’s easier for the skin and your budget because you won’t need as many expensive, non-comedogenic products.

Even though the makeup industry is flourishing, and we are made to believe that we can’t step out without makeup, the reality is far from that. Skin care is crucial for your skin health, and whether or not you apply makeup to highlight your features is a personal choice. Make sure you remove your makeup daily before sleeping and hydrate it with moisturizers. So, what is your favorite go-to product for skin care? Let us know in the comments section.

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