9 Things That Can Speak Volumes About Your Hairdresser

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A person usually chooses one hairdresser for a lifetime and tries their best to stick to them. This is because no one wants to go about scrutinizing every new hairdresser in town to make sure they know what they are doing. But now, say you are in a position where you change cities, or your favorite hairdresser leaves town. Then, you will have no option but to look for another perfect hairdresser match. So, how do you discover that your hairdresser is a professional without sounding rude or sacrificing your hair? Well, we got the answer to that in this article. Here are some subtle signs that your hairdresser knows what they are doing and is equipped with everything needed. Read on to know them all!

1. They Post Photos Of Their Work Online

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Most stylists nowadays flaunt their talents on various social media platforms. You should look up the pictures and read the critiques on the internet. However, the photographs could also have been a little manipulated. However, if they look like they are original and belong to this stylist, they could be the one!

2. They Tell You Which Haircuts Will Suit You

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A person’s haircut should be chosen based on facial shape, hair texture, and other characteristics. Professional stylists can evaluate these factors swiftly and offer advice. That being said, feel free to inquire further. You don’t have to blindly follow the hairdresser’s instructions, but it’s not a good indicator if they can’t answer your inquiries.

3. They Use Different Kinds Of Scissors

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It could appear at first glance that hairstylists only require a small selection of implements. For example, scissors come in different shapes and sizes, but experts often carry multiple kinds. In addition, they come with or without teeth and come in various lengths. An expert should be aware of all the details.

4. They Comb Hair The Right Way

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When brushing hair, some stylists use too much force. Possible causes include physical or mental exhaustion, outside pressures, or an inability to meet minimum requirements. The hair should be untangled from the bottom, although a lousy stylist can think the opposite is true. Also, wet and dry hair requires different brushes. Perhaps the brush isn’t perfect, and that’s why you’re experiencing the rough tugs. However, some stylists choose to utilize low-quality plastic brushes instead. However, customers with delicate skin should only use brushes with rubber bristles.

5. They Disinfect Tools Before Each Use

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Professional hairstylists utilize a blue liquid to sanitize their supplies between clients. However, they should have alternatives to use throughout the time that they’re being sterilized. That’s why it’s encouraging to see a set of extra tools that everyone else has not used.

6. You Are Nor Forced To Use Any Styling Products

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Many individuals dream of having the kind of beautiful haircut that cannot be achieved with the use of styling aids. But, just after one wash, your hair will cease to have that salon-fresh appearance. Tell your stylist your true intentions and insist they demonstrate the cut without any style to avoid this. A professional stylist would be more than pleased to help you out.

7. They Make Partitions Before Cutting

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Notice the steps your stylist takes before cutting your hair. Parting the hair into smaller sections makes it easier to deal with. In most cases, a hairstylist who moves erratically is in over their head.

8. They Make A Straight Cut With Scissors

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Some people consider washing hair at upscale salons to be a standard operating procedure. Nonetheless, this is only sometimes the case. If your hairdresser is any good, they’ll know when it’s absolutely required and when it’s not. They must only wash some of the hair if only a few inches must be chopped off. However, they get complicated when they trim very curly or lengthy hair. The locks may be rearranged more efficiently with water, which also helps to straighten them. The exact process is used when a cut with many layers is made.

9. They Give You Color Recommendations For Dyeing

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Some hues can only be achieved in a single sitting, especially if the hair isn’t healthy enough or the technique needs to be done correctly. It’s challenging to obtain and keep the color red, for instance. On the other hand, it’s not hard to get an ombre effect or a color change almost identical to your original hair color. Your hairstylist will warn you about such nuances if you plan to make any drastic changes to your appearance.

So now that you know what the signs are that your hairdresser is a pro, you won’t have to wait until a bad haircut to see if you want to stick to the same hairdresser. So, which of these things have you noticed your hairdresser doing? Let us know in the comments section!

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