9 Things That Proves Your Bra Is Not The One For You

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A woman always has a love-hate relationship with her bra. She can’t go out without it and can’t feel relaxed in it. Sadly, this is the story of the majority of women across the world. But the irony is, a bra is not the enemy that causes discomfort. Wearing the wrong shape and size is what causes the problem. Here in this article are a few things that happen when you force yourself into the wrong kind of bra. Read on to know them all.

1. Bra That Keeps Rolling Up Your Back

Bra That Keeps Rolling Up Your Back
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If the band is too big, the bra band across your back  will rise up as the weight of the breasts pulls the rear of the garment upwards. This is how you know you need to get a smaller size.

2. Straps That Slip Off

Straps That Slip Off
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Tighten the strap if it is too loose on your shoulder. The strap should allow two fingers to pass through to the shoulder. Even if you have the straps of your bra securely fastened, you may still experience slippage if the band of your bra is too large. Bra straps loosen up and slip off your shoulders after a while. Use a narrower band if you want the straps to be closer together.

3. Straps That Dig In The Shoulders

Straps That Dig In The Shoulders
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Some women experience headaches and nerve issues because their bra straps produce redness, tightness, or deep wrinkles and agony in the shoulders. This can be avoided in most cases. The straps will only be able to accomplish their job correctly if the band is large and tight enough. As your breasts exert pressure on the straps, the straps will begin to bear the bulk of the supporting responsibility. Go for a bigger cup size or a loose band. Even the straps might cause irritation if they’re too flimsy. If you have a bigger, heavier bust, you should wear a bra with wider straps to prevent shoulder injury.

4. Breast Spillage

Breast Spillage
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Your breasts should be encircled by the bra if it is the right size. Sufficient covering will be provided beneath the arms, and an overabundance of breast tissue will be contained. You shouldn’t feel like the underwire is only sitting on your breasts; instead, it should stretch to the sides of your torso, near your underarms.

5. Quad Breasts

Quad Breasts
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Quadruple breasts, visible even when covered, result from the upper edge of the bra cups cutting into the breast tissue. Do your best to wear a bra that fits properly. Having some cleavage might be desirable on occasion. But a  bra that is too tiny is not something you have to put up with. To increase the size of your bust, purchase a push-up bra.

6. Asymmetrical Breasts

Asymmetrical Breasts
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It’s not unusual for one breast to be somewhat more significant than the other, just as it is for other organ sizes to vary. If your breasts are not the same size, you should get a bra that fits the larger of the two and adjust the straps so that there is room in the smaller cup. Silicon pads can augment a reduced cup size by inserting it into the bra.

7. Escapes

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If your breast tissue is too large for the bra cup, your breasts will “escape.” Choosing the right size to wear is the key to a good fit. If the cup size of your bra is too tiny, your breasts will be squished and have to shift either upwards or downwards. The breasts might find a way out if the band is too large. Your breast tissue might potentially tear if the band is overly big.

8. Pinching Bra

Pinching Bra
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You will only see the underwire if your bra is the right size. However, if you choose the wrong bra, the underwires may pinch or irritate your skin. Ensure your bra is not too small to avoid underwire pinching and quad & side breast leaks.

9. Uneven Placement Of The Center Wire

Uneven Placement Of The Center Wire
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If the wire isn’t sitting correctly, the pressure from your breasts might cause the wires to bend or break. Also, you know the bra doesn’t fit well if the underwire rests on your breasts. If the band is too big, the underwire will be squished in, and the breasts will be further apart. Changing the size of the cups and the band will solve this problem.

Now that you know what signs to look out for to determine if your bra size is incorrect, you can undoubtedly shop for the right one without any problem. So, which of these signs could you connect to? Let us know in the comments section!

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