These Are The Things That Men Find Unattractive In A Woman

By Tanya Arora

Men—you can love them and hate them. But you can’t deny that your life is incomplete without them. And if you have a man in your life and you don’t want to lose him, you better stop doing things that annoy him or put him off. We are not saying you change yourself, but just make a conscious effort not to do certain things around him. After all, relationships are built on mutual respect for each other as well as compromises and adjustments. So, do you want to know what are the things you do that possibly annoy him? Here’s a list of 11 of them!

1. Dolling Yourself Up With Too Much Of Makeup

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You can argue that you are doing it for yourself and not for the man in your life but too much of it is something that is definitely going to turn him off. He likes to see the real you, and you should be natural too. With cosmetics, less is always more.

2. Being Way Too Cocky

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Or in other words, overconfidence and arrogance. While most men appreciate a woman, who is comfortable in her own skin, too much of pride, however, is seriously annoying. Maybe it’s time to dial down the boastfulness.

3. Not Talking Too Much

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Okay, this one may come as a real surprise, but it’s still true! Women who don’t lead the conversation on, appear as disinterested to men. And. They. Do. Not. Like. That. Don’t be a bore to him. Listen and participate. Actively.

4. Bad Hygiene Habits

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This is a turn off irrespective of gender! Nobody likes someone who’s unhygienic. So if you think he’s not into you, perhaps you should analyze your daily personal hygiene habits.

5. Cribbing Women Who Complain About Their Ex

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Yes, it’s good to make your man feel confident that you have moved on from your ex and are totally into him. But constantly criticizing your ex is not going to do that. In fact, it may have the opposite effect, and he may get pissed off with you. Why? Because a woman who constantly cribs and badmouths her ex, comes across as immature and vengeful. It can even hint that you’re not actually over him, which is why you still complain of the things he’s done.

6. Being Overly Needy

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It’s true every man wants a woman who needs him and makes him feel like a knight in shining armor. But making your better half feel that every moment is just not cutting it. Overtly needy and clingy behavior can make your man think that you’re not independent enough and can even chase him away!

7. Those Teeny Tiny Habits You Think Cute, But Annoys Him

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Do you snort when you laugh? Or punch put a lock of hair in your mouth when you are stressed? You may think it’s cute (or may not even notice that you are doing these things) but they can get annoying for him at certain moments. Especially if you do them in the middle of something romantic!

8. Extra Excitement Quotient

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How I Met Your Mother even has a very specific term for girls who have an extra excitement quotient: The Woo Girl. This girl gulps down one tequila shot after another, screams woo at the top of her voice and doesn’t stop from cursing in public when she gets mad. Yeah, she’s the kinda girl most men stay away from.

9. Miss Know It All

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Yes, we know you are a genius. In fact, you’re probably Einstein’s distant great great great great granddaughter. But cut it out. Even he knows something. Let him speak for a change! Don’t try to correct him every time.

10. The Invincible Wonder Woman

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Just like men cannot stand women who are excessively needy and clingy, they cannot stomach those who think they are unstoppable forces. Oh no, don’t get us wrong! We don’t mean the fiercely independent woman who can take care of herself and knows what she wants. This is the breaks-things-in-the-house-because-she-couldn’t-get-her-way kinda woman! Men prefer to stay away from that kind.

11. The Woman Who Hits And Giggles

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Nobody wants to be anyone’s punching bag! And you wouldn’t like it if someone touches and pinches you and punches you either, even if they are pint sized! Besides giggling is just not cool. So seriously, give it a rest.

Even though these are the habits most men find annoying and you should make an effort to change some of them, you shouldn’t alter the person you are in the process. In the end, it’s always good to be yourself and work on your flaws so you can be a better version of yourself.

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