Live For All Things Street Food? Here Are 7 Things The Foodie In You Will Relate To

by Shivani K

If you ask me, there are two kinds of people on this planet — the ones that “eat to live” and the ones that “live to eat”. Now I know that most of you fall into the second category and so do I *high-five*. Food for me is one of the greatest pleasures of life. Dosa, paratha, cupcakes, pizzas, tiramisu (oh, it’s my favorite!), panipuri, peri peri fries, and I could go on and on with the list of sweets and savory dishes here. And it’s not our fault to love food so much; I mean just look at the variety of food available today! It’s just impossible to not think of it all day (and night *winks*). With so many restaurants coming up in the city that offer the most authentic culinary experiences, it’s just impossible to not get tempted by them.

And for foodies like me, food is nothing but an emotion. And if I can get my hands on a good recipe book that contains my favorite dishes, it instantly becomes my sacred Bible! Being an emotional foodie myself, I wanted to give an ode to all the foodies out there. So, here you go, I’ve streamlined a couple of points that every foodie out there can relate to. And if you’re still doubtful about the status quo of your foodiness, then just read on and tell me by the end if you are one or not.

1. People Often Laugh At Your Description And Explanation Of Foods


Some of us are clearly not the type who’d gobble up what’s on the plate and do a happy burp. There are people like us who love describing every element that’s on the plate in front of us. I could honestly write a five-page explanation of how every pizza or dosa tastes like. My friends would laugh at my food commentary, but I’ma continue doing it anyways.

2. Every Meal You Eat Gets On The Instagram


#foodgasm #foodcoma #nomnomnom #foodieforlife— ever used these hashtags?

You have to admit you’re a foodie if you find yourself clicking pictures of your meals before you start digging into them. And where do those pictures go? It goes on your Instagram stories and posts. And you feel like Instagram allowed the invention of the above-mentioned hashtags just for you. So, who are you? A #happyfoodie or an #emotionalfoodie?

3. Wherever You Go, Your Folks Let You Do The Ordering


Your knowledge of food is loved by all, especially the ones in your first circle. They don’t have to worry about which restaurant to go to and what food to try. They trust your food guidance. In fact, they swear by it, at least my folks do!

4. You Can Wait For Hours In Queue Just For Food


Every time a new food joint opens in your town and it’s one of a kind, you have to go try that place out. Even if it means that you have to wait for hours in the queue just to grab a bite of cupcake. True foodies can brave anything for the love of food, you see.

5. You Cringe Every Time Someone Pronounces “Doh-sa” as “Dough-sa”


If you’re a South Indian food lover, you would have had multiple episodes where people around you have got your most-loved food, the Dosa wrong. Yes, the spelling says “do” but it’s pronounced as “doh”. And it’s not just this food, if you’re a hardcore foodie, you’d cringe every single time your friends and family, or even a stranger mispronounces a food name. You find yourself unstoppable and end up correcting them.

6. You Know That Some Places Are Overrated. You’re An Honest Foodie


A true foodie is always an honest one. In every city or town, there will be places that are downright overrated but still make their way to the “must-eat-here” list. However, the true foodie in you preaches the truth and make sure that people around you know the right places to go and eat.

7. When You Save To Travel To Eat


Those legit Belgium waffles, those chimney cakes from Switzerland, pizza from Italy, pies from Ireland, you have a bucket list of food items! And you’re the one who saves up to travel to other countries solely to try the delicacies the country must be famous for. And when you plan your travel itinerary, you’re doing it on the basis of cafes or restaurants and not on the basis of sight-seeing places.

If you’re a foodie, you’ll definitely be at least one of the above mentioned! It’s true, there are many souls out there who don’t just ‘like’ food, but ‘love’ it. So, are you a foodie too and can you relate to this article? Let us know. Also, share this article with your foodie friends.

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