8 Things To Remember While Buying A House

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All of us dream about a house of our own with the decor and vibe of our choice. While some fantasize about a villa by the beach complete with a pool, some prefer a minimalist modern house with all amenities. It’s all a matter of choice whether you want greenery all around you or a cute little house inside the city. Either way, there are many things to consider before grabbing the opportunity.

Since it is a big fat dream, once you have collected enough in your adult-version “piggy bank”, it’s time you see your dream materialize. As easy as this sounds, it might take weeks, months, or even years just to find the house of your dreams. If you think about it, buying a house is a great commitment and takes more than just collecting the money for it. Everyone has their priorities when it comes to settling down, be it the size of the house, the location, the looks, or the facilities, there is always a need for a checklist before you say yes to the house. If you are sure about getting your house but not sure what to look for, we are here to help. Go through the points, and you will know which house deserves to be your new home!

1. Location Of Your House

Location Of Your House
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You probably had this in mind, and choosing the right location for your house is the first and foremost step towards owning your house. Make a list of all the places you have to commute to daily. Be it your place of work, school, college, or relatives. If you need to travel there, the area should be in near proximity. Also, it should have easy access to the main road, hospital, restaurants and shopping center. Even if you have decided on a fancy location like somewhere near the beach, make sure the necessary shops are well within your reach.

2. The Size Of Your House

The Size Of Your House
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The price of the house often changes with the location, and if you are planning on buying a house in the center of the city, the size might be smaller than what you would get in the countryside. Depending on how many people will live in that house, you should choose the size accordingly. Also, the size of your furniture has a lot to do with how big a house you should take. If you think you are up for taking care of the huge maintenance, there is no reason to hesitate. But if you are living alone and need just enough space for yourself, look for a cute compact house that you can keep spick and span with no issues.

3. Number Of Bedrooms

Number Of Bedrooms
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When you buy your house at an early stage, you probably think of yourself, your children, and your guests. But if there is a probability of your parents living with you later in life or you opening a studio, there could be a need for a two-story house also, and you should keep that in mind.

4. The Layout

The Layout
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Each house has a different layout, and you might have to put up with your preferences in the house. Whether the house has three separate washrooms, a huge modular kitchen, individual balconies, porch, backyard, these are all the things you have to check before signing the deal. If you are building a house from scratch or remodeling the house, make sure you state your preferences clearly and take a lot of references before pitching the final design.

5. The Condition Of Home Appliances

The Condition Of Home Appliances
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If you are going for a house that is semi-furnished or fully furnished, don’t shy away from looking at the condition of the appliances. Any appliance or furniture that has been put to use will not be the same at second hand. Make sure you check the electronics, their connection, the wiring, and also how energy efficient the devices are. If there is a big appliance like the central heating system or air conditioner, make sure you check the warranty and get the number of people who have repaired them previously. They will be able to give you a better assessment of the condition of the appliances.

6. Age Of The House

Age Of The House
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If you are thinking of getting an old house, it may appeal to you by the vintage looks, but always remember, the older the house, the more they need repair. You also need to make sure your furniture matches the house setting and if the water supply, heating, and air conditioners are up to the mark with what you are expecting. Make sure the walls of the old house are redone for the risk of water seepage and other cracks. Not only do the cracks make your house look shabby, it will give rise to

7. Price Of Your Home

Price Of Your Home
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Most people who buy homes depend heavily on bank loans. You need to be smart about it, as there is always more to a loan than the purchase price. Make sure you count more on your savings and less on what you have to take from the bank. Research is the main key in this matter. Look for all the potential options that you can find. Talk to your friends and family who have bought houses and trust other reliable sources that can help you reach an accurate answer.

8. Seller’s Incentive

Seller's Incentive
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When you step into the market for buying homes, you will see some sellers are more motivated to sell homes than others. This is because some are still living in these homes and not very keen on selling them. If you get such a house, the wriggle room for negotiations will be very less.

So, now that you know what all you have to keep in mind before buying a house, selecting your dream house won’t be a problem anymore. Always make sure you keep a lot of time in hand and visit many different kinds of houses before selecting one. Also, it should be done with the help of a licensed realtor, so the process is flawless. Do you have a place in mind where you want your dream house to be? Let us know in the comments below!

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