15 Things To Tick Off Your Bucket List Before Turning 25

Written by Bency Sebastian

When we were teenagers, most of us wished to grow up, get a job, and enjoy all our freedom as adults. But no one warned us that adulting is not a bed of roses and it requires a lot of responsibility. Now that we are nearing the age of 25, the quarter-life crisis is hitting us hard and we wish we could go back to being children whose biggest problems were lack of playtime because of homework. Many of us are freaking out about turning 25 and we are here to tell you how to make it less dreadful. After all, it is inevitable. So, let’s look at a list of things to tick off our bucket lists before we turn 25, after which it’s all downhill (JK, or am I?).

  • Experiment With Your Hair


Remember that haircut you always wanted to get even though people said you’re crazy? This is the best time to get it. Color your hair like a rainbow or get that mohawk you always wanted. There is no better time than now. You can even blame it on your quarter-life crisis! Go on, go chop-chop!

  • Solo Tripping


For all you travel buffs, a solo trip is a great learning experience that takes you out of your comfort zone and teaches you a lot about yourself. If you’ve never done this before, there are several backpacker groups that guarantee your safety. All you have to do is pack your bags and take off!

  • Find Your Style


Everyone has a unique style and the key is to find yours and carry it off with confidence. Channel your inner fashionistas and do not shy away from making bold choices because this is the perfect time to experiment with your sense of fashion, style, and comfort.

  • Road Tripping
Road Tripping


If you have not done this yet, you are surely missing out on a lot! There is nothing like getting in a car with your best buds, blasting some of your favorite tracks and driving away from the city madness. You may even stumble upon places you never thought existed!

  • Learn To Ride/Drive


Speaking of road trips, learning to ride/drive is something that has to be ticked off your bucket list. It is liberating to know that you do not have to depend on anyone for your commute. That being said, please make sure you have a valid license to do so.

  • Reconnect With Your Childhood Buds


Remember your childhood bestie? Some of you are still friends but some of you have drifted apart. Reconnect with them and reminisce on those delightful childhood memories. Nostalgia is bound to make you happy!

  • Learn To Swim


If you ask me, swimming is an essential life skill. If you haven’t already, get those swimsuits out and jump in the pool to learn it. Besides, it’s one of the most fun and effective ways of exercise.

  • Get A Pet


If you can take care of a pet, you know you have the responsibility to care for another being. Get a pet, feed it, care for it and look after it. Not only will you experience the joy of pets but you will also learn a lot about yourself.

  • Picnic With Friends
Picnic With Friends


Plan a picnic day out with your friends. Pack a picnic basket with food, beers, outdoor games and make a day out of it. You can even carry a guitar and jam to some of your favorite tunes.

  • Get Your Heart Broken


Weird thing to be on this list, right? Wrong! Because a heartbreak teaches you valuable life lessons that will help you come out stronger. After all, if we’re not stupid in love, is it really love?

  • Learn To Handle Finances
Learn To Handle Finances


A very important life skill to learn, handling your own finances is something that will help you be judicious with your money. Learn to save, invest and make smart choices with your finances before stepping into the real world.

  • Experience a Hangover


As unpleasant as it is, hangovers are something that needs to be experienced at least once. Depending on the severity of it, it teaches you to drink responsibly while also having fun.

  • Volunteer For A Social Cause
Volunteer For A Social Cause


Sign up as a volunteer for a cause you believe in. It could be at an animal shelter, an old age home or even an orphanage. Do it to remind yourself that there is a greater purpose to life than your own.

  • Live On Your Own


Most of us have been privileged to live in the comfort of our own homes. But to get a taste of adulting in the real world, living on your own is a huge eye-opener. It is an important experience to get out of your comfort zone and learn to grow up.

  • Learn To Cook


There is nothing more satisfying than learning how to make your favorite dish. Another important life skill to have as an adult, learning to cook is one of the best things you can do before stepping into adulthood.

Turning 25 might be terrifying for some of you but preparing for it is a smart way to accept the inevitable. What are your thoughts on turning 25? Comment below and let us know the things you are excited to tick off your bucket list before turning 25.

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