Here Are 7 Things Wives Need But Never Tell Their Husbands

By Tanya Arora

It’s true that in a relationship, especially marriage, it is crucial to communicate and tell each other anything and everything you need. But one thing husbands don’t know is that wives are enigmatic creatures and they’ll never tell all – even if they desperately want something out of their darling husbands. And you would think that husbands would totally understand this after the years of training they’ve had; but sadly, that would be expecting too much.

Nonetheless, your wife does need certain things even if she keeps quiet about them. And no, it’s not tampons or a solitaire. It’s much more than that! So dear husbands, before you start the guessing game and make a mess out of it, take a look at the 7 things she needs that will make her day!

1. Compliments


Hubbies of the world, you really didn’t expect your wives to come up to you and say, “How about complimenting me today honey? You haven’t done it in a while.” As convenient as that may be for you, no wife is ever going to give you reminders that it’s time to compliment her. You just have to do that on your own.

And no, “you look good,” is just not going to cut it. Try experimenting; use synonyms if you have to. Compliment her on different things. But make sure it sounds good and genuine!

2. Appreciation


Yes, yes, it sounds like Compliments 2.0 but it’s more than that! If you haven’t noticed already, your wife works extremely hard to turn your house into a home every day. She works day and night tirelessly, making sure that you and the kids always get yummy in your tummies and find all of the things you keep on losing. After working so much, she surely deserves to know that her efforts are being appreciated. And as her husband, it’s your duty to let her know.

3. A Boyfriend


Don’t widen your eyes in disbelief and think that every wife needs another man in her life. One man is enough for her! What she needs and looks for is a boyfriend in you. Nothing makes her feel hotter, loved and wanted than re-experiencing those days of flirting and new romance. So take her out on dates, maybe even re-propose to her.

She’ll love it!

4. Intimacy


We can all agree here that men and women view intimacy differently. While for most men sex is enough, women need a little extra. Fortunately, you can give her that intimacy in a lot of simple ways. You could hold her hands sometimes, really listen to the things she is saying and even get naughty between the sheets. Offer her closeness and make her feel comfortable. And, finally, remember that the bedroom is a place both for sex and for conversations.

5. Undivided Attention


Your wife will not say it to you but she honestly hates it when you keep one eye and ear on the TV and the other on her. She needs your undivided attention to feel like she’s really valued, which means you will need to direct all of your focus on her. Spend less time fiddling with your phone or being glued to the television to know if your favorite sports team is winning or losing. Instead, sit her down on the couch and ask her about her day and listen to what she has to say – without any distractions! Trust us, that will make her feel extremely precious.

6. Meaningful Conversations


After the initial excitement of being a married couple is over, all that you’re left with are conversations. And your wife wants nothing more than to sit down and have a meaningful conversation with you that honestly doesn’t involve what happened in her favorite TV show or who bitched about whom. She looks up to you as the number one person in her life and talking to her friends won’t make her feel half as good as talking to you.

So every once in a while, try to be the conversation starter by bringing up an interesting topic.

7. Surprises


This may sound clichéd but who doesn’t love surprises? If she can surprise you once in a while with your favorite meals, you can do the same for her too. Maybe take her out on a surprise dinner date or show up with a bouquet of her favorite flowers. It doesn’t have to be expensive as long as it shows that you love her and are willing to put in some effort.

So husbands, treat this article as your secret mantra for keeping your wife happy! She’ll wonder how you riddled out so many things without even her telling them. And she’ll obviously reward you for it in more ways than one, if you get our drift!

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