8 Things About Women That Attract Men Like A Magnet

by Chandrama Deshmukh

Now, ‘magnet’ may be a tad bit ambitious. However, trust us, this is the next best thing!

We’ve all heard the old maxim, “Love is blind” but apparently, not attraction. And before you heave a giant sigh and humor us with a disdainful, “Yes, we get it. It’s based on looks” please know that you are wrong. Sort of.

Attraction isn’t simply a product of winning the genetic lottery with a good bone structure and a Fast & The Furious metabolism (though, sadly, that helps. A lot). In reality, attraction is based on a myriad of factors that men seem to subconsciously gauge regarding a prospective mate, which leads to the release of all those happy, I-want-to-Netflix-and-chill-with-you chemicals in their brain. Or at least that is what science seems to think.

So, if you’ve ever wondered (besides the oh-so-obvious) what makes a femme fatale a… well, femme fatale – look no further! We’ve got the entire scoop below. Read on to discover the top eight things science claims, once possessed by a woman, can draw a man like a moth to a flame!

1. The Curve Of Her… Lumbar Spine

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That’s right, her spine! Tsk tsk, what did you think?

Not-so-surprisingly, the curvature of a woman’s lumbar spine is one of the universal standards of feminine beauty, one that has been intrinsically upheld by men (since time immemorial) thanks to the principles of evolution. Apparently, an angle of 45.5 degrees (very specific, isn’t it?) between a woman’s back and her derriere is considered the most attractive by men (1). And sociologists around the world hypothesize this attraction may stem from the fact that women with such a curvature have easier pregnancies.

That’s right Sir Mix-a-lot, there’s your answer.

2. The Length Of Her Legs

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Well, this wasn’t exactly a sucker punch realization. After all, there’s a reason why models are (unfairly) upheld as a beauty standard, and it’s usually got to do with their mile-long legs. Clinical psychologist Leon Zeltzer decided to confirm this belief by conducting a rough study that questioned male volunteers on what length of legs they preferred on a woman (2). Their answer? Longer legs!

However, if you’re a woman of shorter stature, before you get disheartened, here’s the interesting tidbit. Zeltzer discovered that men didn’t necessarily prefer a tall woman per se, but actually found a woman whose legs were longer in relation to the rest of her body more attractive! Hence, it’s all about the proportions, sister!

3. The Color Of Her Hair

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French scientists conducted a study that endeavored to discover what kind of women were invited by men to visit nightclubs more often on average: brunettes, red-heads or blondes? Well, the answer was blondes (3).

Huh, apparently blondes do have more fun.

4. Her Go-To Makeup Look

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A 2014 study conducted by the School of Psychology at Bangor University, UK, discovered that on average men find women who apply makeup ‘moderately’ more attractive (4). So, if you’re unwittingly being drag-queen-worthy liberal in your makeup application – stop.

5. The Color Of Her Eyes

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Researchers from the University of Tromso in Norway claim that men who possess blue eyes prefer women of blue eyes as well! According to the researchers, as bizarre as it sounds, since the laws of genetics states two blue-eyed parents will always produce a blue-eyed child, blue-eyed men are unconsciously choosing partners of the same eye color in order to ensure the paternity of their future children (5).

Wow. Talk about trust issues!

6. Her Waist-To-Hip Ratio

According to Dr. Cary Fitzgerald, a psychologist from South Carolina University, Beaufort, men seem to remember more information about women who possess the ‘ideal’ wait-to-hip ratio, which happens to be approximately 0.7 (6). Hollywood celebrities who possess this so-called ideal include Marilyn Monroe, Jessica Alba, and Kelly Brook.

7. Her Limbal Rings

Limbal rings are the dark, pigmented rings that one can find around the iris of one’s eyes. And they may seem too minuscule a detail to make any impact on a woman’s appearance, but science begs to differ. According to researchers from the Department of Cognitive Sciences at the University of California Irvine, USA, women with ‘wider’ limbal rings were found, to have a more attractive face by men (7).

8. Her Age

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Interestingly, scientists have discovered that men below the age of 20 and above the age of 30 actually prefer women around 24 to 25 years of age as a partner. Sociologists believe this may be due to the fact that women are their most fertile at this age (8).

So, there you have it – eight things about women that science claim can attract men in the droves! Did you agree with any of the above claims? Let us know in the comments below!

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