8 Things Women Hate About Their Bodies And Simple Exercises To Target Each One!

by Chandrama Deshmukh

Us, women? We tend to be our worst critics! And this is especially the case when it comes to body image – don’t you dare deny it! How many times have you stood before the mirror and pulled and tugged at problem areas with a sigh? Innumerable times!

Before we begin, what we do want you to know is that the most important lesson you need to take away today is that of ‘self-love.’ It’s crucial that one learns to accept one’s flaws and imperfections for they make you you. That being said, if you still feel conscious and if it happens to be deterring you from loving who you are, then here is some help. We at StyleCraze have compiled a list of 8 things every woman happens to dislike about her body. And worry not, we give you a simple exercise-fix to go along with it as well. So, read on!

1. Love Handles

There’s not much love in love handles! This pouch of flab could be a result of age, hormones, an excessively sugary or fatty diet, or even infrequent or inadequate exercise. Now, if it happens to be a persistent problem, visiting your doctor to check if anything else could be contributing to your dilemma may help. Meanwhile, in terms of exercises, mountain climbers are a winner when it comes to love handles!


Begin in the plank position and pull one leg right up along to your chest, then extend it out behind as you draw up your other leg to your chest. It’s sort of like running – but in place.

2. A Not-So-Bubble Butt

Is your derriere less than bubble-butt perfect? Well, remedy that easily with fire hydrants! This exercise wonderfully targets one’s inner thighs and glutes.


All you have to do is get on all fours and look directly ahead while you raise your right leg out to the right side. Hold your knee at a proper 90-degree angle until you find your thigh is parallel to the floor. Then release the position and switch legs.

3. Saggy Belly

The best exercise to target a flabby belly would undoubtedly be the Russian twist.


Start with sitting on the floor with bent knees and try to use your torso and legs to make a V-shape. Once you’ve achieved the position, start rotating your body from left to right with either clasped hands or while holding weights. This move is great for your oblique muscles.

4. Airplane Arms

Do you feel like an airplane about to take flight every time you happen to raise your arms? Well, say goodbye to flabby arms by doing exercises that target your triceps! Dips are a great option as they’re easy and can be done at various locations – office, home, you name it! All that you require is an elevated surface or a stable chair.


Simply stand before your chair (face away from it). Now place your hands upon your chair at a shoulder-width apart distance. Bend the legs and ensure that you keep your back close to your chair. Now lower your body till your elbows have formed a 90-degree angle. Next, slowly raise your body until your arms feel extended.

5. Thunder Thighs

Thunder thighs are a common complaint amongst women. And while there are several extremely effective exercises that target your quads, such as lunges, squats, and wall-sits, another potent technique is performing long, endurance-building cardiovascular exercises (such as running) that can drastically help in slimming one’s thighs.


6. Double Chin

These are often the product of fat build-up around the platysma muscle located in your

neck and under your chin. But you can always bust the fat with neck crunches!


Lie on your back and lift your head. Then tuck your chin towards your chest as you keep those shoulders upon the floor below. Hold, then release.

7. The ‘Banana’ Roll

Tackle that pesky roll of dreaded fat below your lovely derriere with this simple bridge exercise!


Lie flat on your back while keeping your knees bent in such a way that when you move to lift your hips, you will find that your body makes a straight line from shoulder to knee. Now, squeeze your glutes as you keep your hips in an elevated position, then lower your hips back on to the floor. Repeat till you get the hang of it.

8. Cellulite

Now, there isn’t any sure-fire method of eliminating cellulite, as quite often, it’s as a result of some genetic condition. That being said, there are still ways of reducing their appearance. Experts recommend reducing body fat (by following a low-carb diet) and firming the muscles right underneath the skin. One great muscle-strengthening exercise that targets the back of your thighs (a common cellulite problem area) is step-ups.


All you require to do is step onto a fitness step, bench or even upon a stair, then step down with the same leg. Repeat for each leg for 25-30 reps, then switch legs.

There you have it – the 8 most common body complaints that women have, and the 8 best exercises to target them! Do try them out and let us know of your experience in the comments below.

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