10 Things Women Wish Men Would Understand About Them

Written by Eshna Das, Certified Skin Care Coach  • 

There is definitely a thin line between gender roles. Stuff like “Men shouldn’t cry” or “Women should always act all coy and shy”, are definitely a thing of the past. However, there are certain behaviors that define the subtle difference between these two genders. Women and men, both would relate to certain reactions that seem confusing to the opposite gender.

Are we really that different from men? Most women would agree that we are. Come on, we’ve all complained about our friends or boyfriends at some point saying, “He doesn’t get me”, “I can’t understand what he wants from me?!”. There have been times when you were so angry and your boyfriend didn’t even understand what was going on. So frustrating right? For all the gentlemen reading this, while there is no perfect way to please your lady, here is a pretty comprehensive guide on how you can.

1. No Communication Is A Big No-No


Let me put it very plainly. We don’t like it when our male friends or our boyfriend don’t talk to us. We are not asking you to talk to us every minute of every day. What we are simply asking for is you telling us what is going on, if there is an issue, and how we can sort it out. Guys, if you thought by not talking you can get away with things, I must tell you, you’re in for a harsh awakening. There is no pressure if you don’t want to share some private things, but if it’s related to the relationship we have, it is definitely worth having a discussion for clear-cut understanding.

2. E For Effort


You heard that right. While we all love that chase and the thrill of getting to know each other, we absolutely hate it when guys stop trying the moment they get together with their lady love. We love effort. Not just effort, but consistent effort. Helping us with our chores, cooking for us when we are sick. Trust me if you thought these don’t count, let me tell you, we are taking notes.

3. Listen To What We Are Saying


Just passively nodding your head while you think about FIFA is what will most definitely piss her off. We love telling you every small detail, be it the teammate who was annoying you at work to what we ate for dinner. We love talking and we love it even more when you listen. If you really care about her, you would definitely be up for listening attentively and vice versa. Most women are good listeners and empathizers and it is natural that they expect the same.

4. It’s All In The Details


Did she cut her hair? Or wear a new lipstick? Did you think she looks flawless just like that? We spend hours waxing or shaving to look presentable. We like it when our men appreciate the little things we do. Telling your lady love that she looks beautiful in her new dress is exactly what she wants to hear.

5. Sometimes All We Need Is A Hug


Gentlemen, let me tell you a secret. If you see your girl having a stressful day at work or something is clearly bothering her, ask her what is wrong. If she is not willing to talk about it, respect that. But that does not mean you leave us simmering in the problem. Asking us how we are or sometimes a hug is all we need to make it through the day. Use other tactics or engage in fun activities to take her mind off of whatever is bothering her. She is sure to come around and tell you the problem herself eventually.

6. Honesty Is Indeed The Best Policy


Whoever said honesty is the best policy was right. Women hate it when men lie about anything. Be it going to grab a drink with the boys or anything else, we don’t appreciate their lies. We are not saying you tell us everything (maybe everything), but we would love it if you didn’t lie to our faces.

7. Personal Hygiene Is THE Most Important Thing


Not taking a shower, not brushing your teeth, wearing dirty clothes, uuhgggh! Every woman’s nightmare comes true. Trust me boys, a man who is not clean and does not take time to groom himself is an absolute turn-off for any woman! Clean clothes and amazing cologne are much appreciated!

8. We Love It When You Talk About Yourselves, Just Not All The Time!


We love a man who is passionate about life and what makes him happy. But just talking about yourself and not asking how our day went is bound to annoy the heck out of us. A perfect balance between talking about yourself and listening to what we have to say is the way to our hearts. We do love confidence but not arrogance.

9. We Also Need Some “Alone Time”


As much as we love spending time with you guys, we love to spend time by ourselves. Be it a nice day at the salon or just Netflix and chilling in our pjs, we love some me time! If you see us not replying for a couple of minutes, we are probably watching our favorite tv show and chilling.



Last but not least, we love it when men treat us like their partners, respect our dreams and aspirations. Women also love men who respect not just their family and friends, but human beings in general. So if you are being plain mean to someone to look good, let me tell you, YOU DON’T!

Lastly, it’s in the little things and attention to detail that is enough to win a woman’s heart. Forget fancy and luxurious stuff, the happiness is in the small gestures and reassuring words. Men, it is not that hard to read women’s minds, just learn to read the little signs and start being honest to earn mutual respect and every woman’s dream crush.  We can go on and on about what we want you gentlemen to know. But why don’t you start off with these ten tips and see how far you go with your lady loves. Thank us later!

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