8 Things You Buy That Usually Ends Up Collecting Dust

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Have you ever seen something on display that looked so appealing that you felt like saying, “shut up and take my money”? Well, we have all been there. And that is probably why we have infinite stationeries, trinkets, and gadgets that we think we will use but never do. But, of course, had you known that they would not be as helpful, you wouldn’t have showered your hard-earned money on the things that are accumulating dust now in your room. But things like these have their ways of making you believe you absolutely can’t do without them. So here is a list of some of these fancy items you can live without! Read on to know them all!

1. Add-Ons For Mobiles

Add-Ons For Mobiles
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Each year sees the introduction of hundreds of new smartphone add-ons, such as micro cameras, wireless chargers, vehicle mounts, tripods, and more. Selfie sticks were all the rage for a while. And today, all thanks to TikTok and Instagram, ring light has reached the zenith of popularity! So when deciding whether or not to buy something, it’s essential to ask yourself, “Will I actually use this equipment, or will it merely accumulate dust?”

2. Handmade Soap

Handmade Soap
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Let’s be honest, a soap bar with a less complicated design could be more user-friendly. It’s far more practical to use a conventional soap bar or liquid soap. Even if you have your heart set on a particular scent or set of ingredients, the easiest and cheapest option is always the classic soap bar.

3. Beauty Products

Beauty Products
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Our gut tells us that the much-touted beauty product on the shelf is something your skin needs. But it’s too easy to give in to pleasant deceptions. You don’t really need to use mascara or glue artificial eyelashes. And our double chin would not vanish in only five minutes with the help of a revolutionary lifting mask!

4. Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen Appliances
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Machines that can cook various foods, such as eggs, waffles, yogurt, etc., might seem perfect, but they are not. We’ve all made the mistake of purchasing at least one of these appliances just to relegate it to the back of a closet. The only piece of advice we can give is to give some serious consideration to whether or not you actually need each of these devices before making a purchase.

5. Waxed Paper

Waxed Paper
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Keeping up with the latest eco-friendly product trends necessitates frequent purchases of novelties like wooden cutlery and bamboo toothbrushes. The problem is that some of these things have no use at all. Use a good example: waxed paper. This is a sustainable alternative to plastic wrap and foil for food storage that consists of paper coated with beeswax. But why not use plastic or environmentally friendly stainless containers to keep your food fresh? Use them instead of constantly purchasing waxed paper since they are easy to use, waste-free, and inexpensive.

6. Ziplocs

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These bags can come in handy in various situations, such as when you want to avoid bringing plastic containers to the office and instead get handmade meals. Even yet, resealable bags have a wide variety of other uses around the house. However, standard plastic bags, which can be discarded after use, are far more cost-effective if you just use them to freeze food or keep cheese, bread, or vegetables.

7. Baby Shoes

Baby Shoes
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Despite how adorable and tiny they are, infants don’t require shoes for the first year of their lives. Allow your infant to crawl and take their first walks barefoot if you care about the health of their feet. Non-slip socks like baby slippers are preferable to shoes for infants, and shoes should only be used to protect feet from cold or rough surfaces. Additionally, infants outgrow even the most reasonably priced designer footwear very rapidly.

8. Fancy Razors

Fancy Razors
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Another consideration you need to make before purchasing a fancy razor. You’re bound to waste a lot of cash on something you don’t require at some point. On the other hand, metal razors have far more affordable blade replacements. Although they are primarily aimed at male consumers, they are perfectly capable of fulfilling the desires of females as well. If you like shaving foam, you won’t require the lubricating strip found on many women’s razors and will find these to be very convenient.

We know how difficult it can be to convince yourself that you don’t need the cup with bunny ears or the tea bag with a honeycomb on it. But when you give it a second thought, you will get over it, and it will eventually rest on some shelf. If you are 100% sure you will use them, then and only then does it make sense to buy these. So which of these items are you guilty of buying? Let us know in the comments section!

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