Flight Attendants Spill On 10 Things You Should Never Wear On A Plane

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Many of us spend a lot of time traveling, and the fast-paced world makes air travel a must. Frequent air travel has made airport fashion a fad now. Most celebrities prefer being photographed on their way to board a flight. But, since the paparazzi are not after us, we enjoy the liberty to choose something more comfortable while traveling. So if you have been looking up blogs and articles about how to dress for a flight, we will tell you some dressing mistakes to avoid. In this article are some tips from flight attendants for what not to wear while traveling for long hours on a plane. Read on to know them all.

1. Fitted Clothes

Fitted Clothes
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You may find that flying in skin hugging clothes feels like a challenge. While traveling, you should dress in a way that promotes healthy blood flow. In addition, the chances of developing a deep-vein thrombosis increases with long flights. Clothes that are too snug might make this issue even worse. At 42,000 feet, our bodies tend to expand, so those wearing figure-hugging garments may start to feel more suffocated than otherwise.

2. Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses
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Flying in an airplane puts you in a different atmosphere from the one you’re used to. This is due to the recirculated cabin air and the decreased humidity at higher altitudes. Individuals who wear contact lenses may find the dry air uncomfortable. Passengers are encouraged to wear their spectacles instead.

3. Flammable Materials

Flammable Materials
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Emergencies during flying are very rare, but being prepared is always a good idea. Nylon and other lightweight textiles may easily catch fire. In the event of a fire, thicker textiles are recommended for protection.

4. Heels

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Rushing to the airport and being so out of breath that you miss your flight is never ideal. Airports are usually huge, so footwear designed for walking long distances is recommended. In the event of an emergency, sandals can be particularly inconvenient. High heels, which are not constructed with elastic materials, can also be uncomfortable due to their lack of flexibility. Long flights cause your feet to expand, so loose, roomy shoes are ideal.

5. Inadequate Layers

Inadequate Layers
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Planes are generally on the chilly side during flights. Not moving around might make you feel more chillier than you already are. Therefore, it is recommended to dress in layers so that you may regulate your body temperature as needed.

6. Metal Accessories

Metal Accessories
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Metal may lurk in unexpected locations, as in your footwear, gum wrapper, or bra underwire. If you don’t wear them during your journey, you’ll pass through airport security easily. The last thing anyone wants is to have to slow down because they set off the metal detector.

7. Complicated Clothes

Complicated Clothes
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It’s not comfortable to have to use the lavatory during a flight, not until you have to. Not only is it more difficult to sit in complicated clothing, but it also makes using the restroom more of a hassle. Wear clothing that is comfy if you don’t want to spend the next hour tugging at your clothes.

8. Strong Fragrances

Strong Fragrances
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You need to understand that not everyone on the plane shares your enthusiasm for the scent of your perfume. Since air is constantly being recirculated in the plane, someone on your aircraft who may have asthma and could be affected by scent. It’s best to go for natural scents.

9. Itchy Clothes

Itchy Clothes
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Even fabrics that are good enough for a quick trip to the store and back may not be ideal for long periods of sitting. Wear loose, comfortable clothing that will allow your skin to breathe during the journey. Check for itchy tags and seams that are going to be in touch with your sensitive skin.

10. Offensive Slogans On Clothes

Offensive Slogans On Clothes
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You want everything about the flight to go off without a hitch. This is why wearing clothes with unpleasant images or phrases should be avoided. Inappropriate clothing may result in problems during a flight. There are often young children on planes, and because you never know who could find what you say objectionable, it’s best to avoid any potential problems.

So now that you know what to avoid wearing while on a flight, you can choose the right kind of clothes to make your travel more comfortable and smooth. So what is your go-to outfit when it comes to traveling? Let us know in the comments section!


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