8 Things You Should Say To Your Kids Every Day

by Pooja Srinivas

Raising a child that is well-mannered, confident, intelligent, and high on the initiative, is every parent’s dream. But sometimes, despite making herculean efforts as a parent, we see ourselves not being able to instill the right values or the right amount of confidence in our child, and that is a very disappointing thing to meet.

I am sure most of us would have experienced how quickly our little ones mimic us, and they mimic almost anything, be it good or bad. Our words may seem to have not been heard, or sometimes not even understood, but you would have realized that they do have a major impact. Parenting demands one to always be on the go, which can be a daunting task. While all parents have a unique way of raising their children, here are some ways that will help you raise your child better. Read on to know things that you should say to your child every day despite the morning mayhem.

1. “How Are You Doing?”


A simple question like “How are you doing?” has a major impact on a child’s psychology. A child needs attention, appreciation, tons of love, and a patient ear above anything else. You might want to give up on overspending on your child and, instead, invest your time and energy on establishing a healthy parent-child communication.

Asking a child as to how he or she is means that you are all ears regarding your child’s well-being. According to experts, positive questions are great communication starters and it makes children feel assured and happy to know that you are interested in their lives. It is also very important to listen to them without interrupting them (1).

2. “You Are A Kind Person”


If you wish to make the world a happy place, teach your children to be kind, compassionate and loving. Kindness is a beautiful virtue that can touch the hardest of souls, but it may not be easy to acquire. Dr Richard Weissbourd, a Harvard University psychologist said in an interview to Washington Post, that most children he spoke to confessed that their parents were happier when they got good grades or earned medals and trophies at school, rather than when they were good at community work.

Weissbourd, from his vast experience in child psychology, has a set of recommendations to raise children so that they grow up to be caring, responsible, and compassionate adults. Amongst the very important points, one that stands out is this: Instead of telling one’s child that it is important for them to be happy, tell them that it is important for them to be kind. Positive affirmations have positive impacts and telling your child that he or she is kind will surely be a huge benefit for the society in the long run (2).

3. “Don’t Be Shy To Say ‘Please’ And ‘Thank You’”


If you expect your child to be polite with you or to the outside world, let that begin from home. Saying, “please” or “thank you” to your child is a great way to set an example for him or her to follow. According to experts, it is a simple way of teaching them to be courteous. Social skills are very important in life and the best way to teach them to be polite is when they are still young.

4. “I Am Sorry”


Saying, “I am sorry” to your child when you are caught in the wrong is a great way to teach them to apologize for their mistakes. While it’s impossible for a person to avoid making mistakes, but learning to realize, fix, and apologize for one’s folly surely helps a lot. Be the role model for them in this facet too and be assured that you won’t have to feel embarrassed in the future.

5. “You Tried Well”


Negativity breeds only negative results. Being positive and appreciative of your child and his or her efforts, on the other hand, are the key to raising a confident child.

6. “I Like It When You Did…”


A child needs a parent’s attention and appreciation for the smallest things they do. While you may think pouring batter into the cake tin or putting the laundry in the washing machine are not major efforts, for a child they are! So, appreciate them for whatever they do, and you will raise helpful and confident children.

7. “I Am Sure You Can Handle It!”


Nobody’s life is a bed of roses; everyone faces challenges of varying degrees and life is nothing but the survival of the fittest. It is easy to lose to your circumstances, but it takes a lot of courage to stand up and face them. If you aspire to raise a strong child, trust them, encourage them, and make sure you teach them self-belief.

8. “I Love You”


Expressing your love for your little angel is as important as loving them. They need to know that you love them. Being loved is beautiful and It works like magic for children!

Every parent’s dream is to raise a child who is self-assured, successful, empathetic, kind, and devoid of bullying or overly submissive tendencies. Parents are role models for children, who tend to mimic whatever is done and said by their role models. Often what parents say becomes the truth that a child holds for a lifetime. Hence, say no to spanking and negative emotions and actions. Instead, stay self-assured, set a good example, and see for yourself how beautifully your little one blooms!

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