13 Things Your Makeup Experts Want You To Stop Doing RIGHT NOW

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Makeup is an art, and we have tried our hands at it when we first experimented with our mother’s maroon lipstick as toddlers. Even if we don’t have deep knowledge of how to contour our face or which brush to use for blending, we do have an idea of how to apply winged eyeliner perfectly on the 50th attempt. However, there are specific makeup hacks that we have been following, like blind mice, that can make any makeup artist cringe. Not only are they bad for the skin, but they also can give results you were not aiming for. Here are some of the makeup blunders we need to stop making right away. Read on to check how many you got correct!

1. Checking Lipstick Shade On Wrist

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One common practice while trying out shades that work for us is, applying the color on your wrist. As good as it looks for Instagram posts, the wrist is far from your face and might have a different complexion due to sun exposure. Matching it to your neck is a better place to choose the color that suits you best.

2. Smiling While Applying Blush

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Every 90’s movie showcased the actress applying blush while smiling. However, if you have been following that, it will only sit lower when you don’t smile later. The idea behind that practice was to have elevated cheekbones that would be easier while applying. But by doing that, it will start creasing later when you are back to your no-expression face. Always brush your cheeks with the tint while keeping a straight face.

3. Applying Highlighter To The Tip Of Your Nose

Applying Highlighter To The Tip Of Your Nose
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As they say, the first step to loving your body is accepting your nose! Applying the highlighter on the tip of your nose will only bring attention to the broadest part of your nose. Since the tip is the heaviest part of the nose, the highlighter will make it look broader and grab unwanted attention to the nose. In short, it will ruin your entire makeup look. So, if you feel like you don’t have the best-looking nose, apply the highlight on the bridge to even out the shape illusion. Always start from between your eyes and even it out at the bridge. The tip requires minimum or no highlighter on it.

4. Not Exfoliating Your Lips Before Applying Matte Lipstick

Not Exfoliating Your Lips Before Applying Matte Lipstick
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Matte Lipstick definitely stays longer but also makes your lips look drier than it is. If you are planning on wearing matte, make sure you exfoliate your lips and apply a heavy-duty lip balm to let your lips hydrated before applying the lipstick. Make sure the consistency of that lip balm is not too thick and you don’t lather too much. Just a thin layer after exfoliating is enough to keep our lips hydrated before applying the drying matte product.

5. Applying Liquid Eyeliner Under Your Eyes

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Even though it may seem like a good idea to pull the eyeliner under your eyes, don’t try that. Liquid eyeliner is great to frame perfectly winged eyeliner on your lids but definitely not a good idea to try on your waterline. It is risky as it will get into your eyes after it gets flaky at the end of the day. If you want your eyes to be framed, apply pencil eyeliner or kajal instead and smudge it a bit after applying.

6. Not Using Sunscreen

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Sunscreen is not just for the beach. Wearing sunscreen while going out will only help you age gracefully and protect you from the harmful UV rays. Always carry sunscreen if you are braving the outdoors for a long period of time. Just a mist or your makeup is not enough to protect your skin from outdoor pollutants.

7. Choosing A Different Color Foundation

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Foundation is not a way to change your skin tone. If you feel wearing a darker shade will help you look gorgeously tan, or wearing a lighter one will make you look fairer, it will only give you a caked-on look. Additionally, you can apply the foundation only to your face and neck, and the complexion difference will make you look like a rainbow.

8. Using The Same Eyeshadow Brush

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It might seem like the perfect time saver idea, but using the same brush for dark and light eyeshadow can blend the color palette and make it a mess. Even if you don’t want to invest in costly brushes, you can always count on local ones.

9. Not Knowing Your Skin Type

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It might sound out worldly, but many people don’t know their skin type and often apply the wrong kind of makeup. If your skin is dry, go for gloss finish foundation, and if your skin is oily, go for a matte finish.

10. Drawing Eyebrows Too Close

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Drawing eyebrows is never just a piece of cake, and it requires utmost precision. Make sure you keep a distance between the eyebrows and don’t overdo the design.

11. Not Removing Your Makeup At Night

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We know how tiring it is to remove makeup after returning late from a party, but do it! No matter how natural your makeup ingredients are, they are not skin-friendly if left on the surface long enough to seep in. You can always count on your homemade baby oil and water mixture for removing your makeup with a single wipe.

12. Using One Eyeshadow

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Even if you are new to using eyeshadow, we suggest you put at least two shades. Adding an undertone or overtone makes your eyes look more pigmented and attractive. Also, make sure you blend it well using a good brush. A single eyeshadow can sometimes look unflattering due to blending issues at the corner. It will look more natural if you blend two shades of the same color for a smooth finish.

13. Not Blending Your Makeup Till Hairline

Not Blending Your Makeup Till Hairline
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While using a foundation, make sure you blend it all the way to your hairline. You may not be able to see the difference while sitting in your dressing room, but once you step out, it will be very obvious, and no matter how much it matches your skin tone, it shows!

Now that you know what you shouldn’t do, applying makeup should not be a herculean task anymore! There are plenty of vlogs and tutorials that can guide you into being a pro. So, what is one thing in your makeup bag you absolutely cannot leave without? Let us know in the comments. Stay glamorous!

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