This Is The Kind Of Wedding You Will Have As Per Your Zodiac Sign

Written by Chandrama Deshmukh  • 

Let’s be honest. All of us have gone through horoscope predictions and wondered how it will affect our lives. And sometimes, we’ve all been sweetly surprised by how accurate the predictions have been! Haven’t we all been tempted to find out our crush’s zodiac sign, just so we know whether we are compatible or not? Well, in this article, we’ll be talking about zodiac signs and horoscopes, but in a slightly different light. We’ll be telling you what kind of a wedding you’ll be having, depending on your zodiac sign. Intrigued? Read on!

1. Aries

By nature, people who are born in the Aries zodiac sign are adventurous and love doing things boldly. So, you can expect your wedding also to be a super spontaneous affair, but with a lot of drama and bigness thrown in! In fact, it will be safe to say that your wedding will be nothing short of the BIG FAT wedding.

2. Taurus

Taureans are known for their love for tradition as well as luxury. So, it is most likely that you’ll probably be tying the knot in a place that is known for its luxurious tradition, with a heritage and legacy of its own. Even your wedding outfit will be of a similar nature.

3. Gemini

If there is one thing that Geminis are known for, it is for their love for all things fun! Your wedding will be no different with a lot of interesting elements weaved into the festivities which make it an absolutely fun affair! Expect a DJ and, of course, a lot of good food and friends. Your D day looks nothing but absolute perfection.

4. Cancer

Cancerians are all about “Home is where the heart is”. Your wedding will be a private affair with just your closest friends and family in attendance. You will probably opt for a private location as well – like say, a family farmhouse, and keep it quiet and simple, yet elegant.

5. Leo

Grandeur is your signature style. This, paired with an eye for perfection, and we have the perfect wedding destination for the perfect Leo. You are all about drama and luxury and bold statements and your wedding will be no less. You will kill in deep colors that have a very royal feel to them.

6. Virgo

If ever there is a perfect perfectionist, it is a Virgo. Your perfectionist attitude will get translated into your wedding as well, and it will be manifested in the form of perfectly planned décor, absolutely color-coordinated outfits, and the best flower arrangements in town!

7. Libra

Librans are known for the balance that they bring to everyone’s lives. However, your wedding will not be a balanced affair at all! It’ll be all about fairytale-ish perfection and dreamy, exotic, almost surreal décor paired with a dream-like you.

8. Scorpio

Scorpions are known for being passionate and they just love showing off. This will be evident even in your wedding as it will be almost like a display of the fiery and passionate you, peppered with a good amount of power show. This will also translate into the kind of clothes and style that you choose to wear on your D day.

9. Sagittarius

Sagittarians are all about adventure and the great outdoors, and your wedding will be no different. You will probably opt for an outdoor wedding – more like a destination wedding – and you’ll have a lot of activities, which will keep all your guests on their toes as well!

10. Capricorn

Those born under the star of Capricorn have an affinity towards old world charm and, hence, you’ll probably have your wedding in the same sepia-toned style. Since you are so attracted to traditions, you’ll probably end up wearing your great-grandmother’s well-preserved wedding gown or lehenga, and will totally rock it too!

11. Aquarius

Aquarians are all about free-flowing energy. They do not like to be tied down by traditions or societal norms. You’ll plan your wedding similarly and it will be a contemporary affair. You’ll keep it simple, yet endearing.

12. Pisces

Pisceans are a dreamy lot. No wonder then, that even your wedding will be straight out of a movie dream sequence, complete with romantic music, maple leaves flying, and lovely bridesmaids, all dressed perfectly!

How accurate do you think the descriptions are? Are you someone whose wedding was totally unlike what we’ve described your zodiac sign’s wedding to be like? Let us know in the comments! Also, do you know any bride-to-be or groom-to-be, who you think needs to read this? Share this with them and help them plan a wedding that would accurately reflect their personalities.

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