She Rubbed Garlic On Her Foot, And Then Something Unexpected Happened

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If there is any person I would like to give a medal to, it would be Anna Jimenez. Let me tell you why.

We all know that there is a ton (or probably more) of cosmetic products in the market. We also know that most cosmetic products contain chemicals and are toxic. But what we don’t know is which ones are toxic, and which are not.

This is where Anna Jimenez has come to our rescue. Out of the 7.2 billion people walking this planet, she happened to be the only person who decided to investigate the darkest secrets of the makeup world.

So, what did she do?

She got in touch with the editor of a popular TV show, Suzanne Hall (she deserves a medal too), and did something that would put most cosmetic companies to shame. Together, they managed to find out the dangerously harmful ingredients that go in the preparation of most makeup products.

Lots of things were discussed, but it all happened within 3 minutes 21 seconds. Suzanne had come up with something very unusual.

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Suzanne’s Discovery

What if I say that if you rub garlic on your foot, you will be able to taste it?


Are you going to kill me? Or should I do that myself?

Well, it’s true.

And just like you, me, and every other sane person on the planet, Anna Jimenez couldn’t believe it.

But she tried it out. She removed her shoes, took a garlic clove, and started rubbing it on her foot.

What happened after that? Could she really taste garlic?

This video has the answer:

*Stares at the wall opposite for a few seconds*

What did I just see? What’s happening?

Now that’s something unbelievably weird, isn’t it? And this puts a question in my mind …

…so if I feel like having a pizza without having to eat it (and without having to gain weight), can I rub a slice of it on my foot?

Alright. Sorry. I can understand how dumb that was.

So the next time you catch hold of a garlic clove, simply rub it on your foo…oops…wait…maybe you shouldn’t be doing that. You should instead put it inside your mouth and munch it away. Because garlic comes with so many health benefits.

And now coming back to where we started, yes, cosmetics.

Let me tell you about the three scariest ingredients that beauty products may contain.

Seriously, beauty couldn’t have gotten more dangerous!

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1. Mercury In Skin Creams

You got to be kidding me.

I wish I was kidding. But…

According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, that expensive imported skin cream you so proudly use might contain mercury and other heavy metals.

And guess what it can cause? Tremors and severe problems with vision, hearing, and memory.

What you can do is check the label of the package for mercury. Also, remember that the ingredient can even be listed as ‘calomel’, ‘mercurous chloride’, ‘mercurio’, or ‘mercuric’.

2. Formaldehyde In Hair Straighteners

Most keratin-based hair straighteners (despite claiming to be formaldehyde-free) have been found to actually contain formaldehyde, which is a known carcinogen.

If you absolutely must straighten your hair, then use them not more than a few times a year.

3. Lead In Lipstick

This is serious, girls! You must be aware of what the heck you are putting on your lips. The FDA had tested numerous lipsticks (thanks to the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, which had issued an alert) and had found something extremely horrifying – lead was present in all of the lipsticks that were tested.So girls, ensure that when you are wearing lipstick, you don’t lick your lips and don’t eat with lipstick on (and also, don’t kiss anyone!).

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Or best. Don’t use lipstick at all.

Thanks to Anna Jimenez again – if she hadn’t rubbed garlic on her feet and tasted it in her mouth, we would have missed a great deal of information on cosmetics.

Talking about cosmetics – are you going to use them again?

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