If These 2 Lines On Your Palm Match Up, It Can Reveal Facts About Your Personality

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Isn’t palmistry a deliciously curious art? I mean, let’s be honest. We have all, at some point in our lives, stared at our palms, wondering what might be written there. We have all looked at every line, run our fingers over it, and tried to understand what each groove, curve, and bump means. Do the rings mean something? What does it mean if there’s an M on my palm? Do the ring formations on my fingers mean that I’ll have more money? Is there the name of my future lover hidden somewhere within the lines? Is it written somewhere how many children I’ll have or what their genders will be? The questions are limitless! And as soon as we hear that someone knows even a random little bit about these things, we rush to them with open palms, asking them to read what’s written there and give us a glimpse of what our futures might be like.

I suppose it’s because the future is something that holds infinite interest for all of us. We all want to know what kind of people we’ll become and what kind of people we’ll meet and fall in love with eventually. It’s got that inexplicable lure that we just can’t resist, doesn’t it?

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Whether we believe in it or not, what’s important is that it gives us hope and the belief that something good is waiting to happen to us just around the corner. And it also peppers our lives with these little spots of childlike happiness. It’s almost like a game, but not quite!

In this article, we are throwing some light on what it means if a certain line in your palms is a certain way. If you look at it simply, it might seem like a very insignificant thing. But if you look at it in a deeper way, it could end up revealing a lot about you. So, read on and find out!

We are actually talking about the line that runs across your palm, just below the base of the fingers, on the upper side of the palm. Have you ever noticed it? It’s like a small swoosh from the inner edge of your palm (towards the little finger) to the outer edge (towards the index finger/ thumb). Some call it the “heart line” and it is said to point towards matters of the heart and how your love life would be like.

What we need you to do is bring both your palms together, next to each other. First, match the wrist lines on both the hands and then match the rest of the lines. Once you have done this, now turn your attention to the line that we had previously mentioned – the swoosh from the inner edge of your palm to the outer edge. What do you see? There are usually three scenarios: the lines match perfectly, the left one is higher than the right one or the right one is higher than the left one.

None of these scenarios are correct or ideal, or something that you should strive for. Because this really isn’t something that we can change. It is, rather, an indication of the kind of person that you are, especially when dealing with love and relationships. And each type is beautiful and capable of giving love in ways we can’t even imagine!

Scenario 1: Both The Lines Match Perfectly

This points to the fact that you are a very patient and kind person who is genuinely concerned about the well-being of your partner. You are softhearted and benevolent and tend to hurt often and easily. This is only because you are so well-connected to your environment and to the beings around you, that you can actually feel what they are feeling and go through intense emotional upheavals. You do not know how to be selective when it comes to exuding kindness. You do it indiscriminately and with an open heart.

Scenario 2: The Left Line Is Higher Than The Right Line

If the line on your left palm is higher than the line on your right palm, then it means that you like to take the upper hand when it comes to relationships. Chances are, you’ll be the one asking the one you love on a date first. You don’t mind taking risks and bold steps, and will go to any lengths to be with the one you love. You are passionate and kind (a lovely combination to be) and believe in the long haul and not short-term things.

Scenario 3: The Right Line Is Higher Than The Left Line

If the line on your right palm is higher than the line on your left palm, it means that you are a very practical and rational person. You prefer logic over anything else and like to see practical, tangible results to your actions. You do not like to rush things, but take it slow and steady. And guess what? This means that you will definitely win in the end!

What do you think? Are the things mentioned in this article true? Do they apply to you? Let us know in the comments!

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