How Three Hours Of Sitting Can Damage Your Blood Vessels

by StyleCraze

Studies show that three hours of uninterrupted sitting causes blood vessels to compress and slows down blood circulation. Whether in school, home, or office, here’s a concise list of problems caused by excessive sitting.

1. Leg Disorders

Sitting continuously not only causes swelling of ankles and varicose veins present in the legs, but also leads to deep vein thrombosis, a condition caused by blood clotting.

2. Weak Bones

Continuous lack of activity can cause osteoporosis, a disease that increases bone breaking.

3. Back Problems

Sitting exerts more pressure on the spine than standing. Thus, prolonged sitting increases the risk of spondylitis.

4. Strained Neck and Shoulders

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You subconsciously hold your neck forward during sitting, which can strain the cervical vertebrae and cause neck and shoulder soreness.

5. Hip Problems

Uninterrupted sitting also leads to the tightening of the hips and affects their mobility.

6. Digestion Problems

Sitting down after eating causes the abdomen to compress and slows down digestion.

7. Pancreas

Prolonged sitting causes pancreas dysfunction and leads to an imbalance in the insulin production, thus causing diabetes.

8. Cancer

Increased insulin has also been linked increased cell growth, a cause of cancer. Frequent movements boost the body’s antioxidants that attack the free radicals that cause cancer. However, sitting reduces movement and increases the risk of cancer.

9. Heart Damage

The slow blood circulation also causes the muscles to burn less fat, thereby making it easier for the fatty acids to clog the arteries.

10. Brain Damage

Slow blood circulation reduces the supply of oxygen that reaches the brain, thus slowing its functioning, and causing hormonal imbalance.

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