How To Tell When It’s Time To Get Rid Of Your Bras

Well, this one is for all the ladies out there. What is that one thing that perfectly holds your outfit together? No, it’s not your Gucci purse nor is it your pencil heels. Give up? It’s your bra. Yes, that savior which shares the load that life has given you. A great bra is the one thing that perfectly ties together all the elements in your outfit. Not only does it support those crazy coconuts of yours, but it also gives them definition making them appear perky, and shapely as opposed to making them appear like lumps of fat (essentially, that is what they are).

And it does so without any discrimination, it doesn’t matter if you have melons or lemons, a bra is there to give you a hand (or a strap, more appropriate in this case) with them.

You would think that such an important article of clothing deserves special treatment when it comes to its upkeep and maintenance and this is where you’re mistaken again. Most of us are quite neglectful when it comes to maintaining these precious angels, our bras. We make them work hard by keeping them on regular duty, especially the ones which we find more comfortable. We only let them go when they finally give up. And that happens when they pop their underwires or when their hooks snap.

To say that we are hard taskmasters who believe in getting their money’s worth wouldn’t be wrong, since like other feminine products these too are quite pricey. However, even bras have a shelf-life and here’s how you can judge when it’s time to retire them.

1. It Has Become Uncomfortable

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One of the biggest signs that tell you that your beloved bra has lived its days is when you no longer find it as comfortable to wear as you did when you first bought it. This happens because of a number of reasons, perhaps you have gained or lost some weight and the bra doesn’t fit you well. It may be that the underwires dig into your skin. In any case, if a bra doesn’t fit you like a second skin then it is the biggest signal that the time has come to retire it.

2. The Straps And Band Edges Have Become Frayed And Torn

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Now, coming to more visible signs of aging, a bra whose straps and bands have become frayed or torn is surely on its way to bra heaven (heaven, for all those years of service it provided you). Fraying of edges is a sign of wear and tear and occurs with frequent use.

3. The Straps Refuse To Stay In Place

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If your straps routinely slip from your shoulder it indicates that the elastic has become worn out with years of use. This happens when the bra has reached a certain point in its lifecycle. So, unless you like to have saggy breasts then you better change the bra.

4. The Wires Have Popped Out

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Well, this is an obvious sign that your bra has lived its last days, and your lingerie drawer needs a complete overhaul. The popping of wires indicates that the bra has lost its structural integrity and it can no longer do its job well. So, make a trip to the lingerie store and get yourself some sexy bras!

5. It Has Lost Its Shape

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Usually, when you buy a bra, especially if it’s a padded one, they have a particular shape that gives your dress the perfect contour. Over time, with use, the cups start to lose their shape. If your bra cups have become oblong or are causing ripples to get formed on your dress, then it’s time to throw it in the bin.

6. You Are Wearing It On The Last Hook

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According to lingerie experts (yes, we have those too), one of the most common signs that indicate that your bra has lived a full life is when you’re wearing it on the last hook and it still isn’t tight enough. The rule of thumb for a good bra is that it should be a perfect fit when you bring it home even though you’re wearing it on the first hook.

As time goes by, the clasp loses its elasticity and you start hooking it on the middle hook, by the time you end up wearing it on the last hook, chances are that it has lived a full life and it’s time to bid the bra a good farewell.

7. It Has Been In Circulation For More Than A Year

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We know a year sounds arbitrary but trust us we have given it some thought. According to lingerie experts if you have 4–5 bras which you wear in the rotation, they are not likely to last you longer than a year (1). And if it’s just two bras that you wear on an alternate basis then the number gets reduced to six months.

8. It’s Often Your “Worst Case Scenario” Choices

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Lastly, if the bra is already one of your least used or liked bras, then it’s quite obvious you don’t feel comfortable wearing it or it’s one of those bras which just doesn’t make the girls look good. In any case, there is no point in hoarding things that you don’t use. So if you want to listen to our advice, it’s time to let it go.

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I am sure you were surprised to learn that bras too have a shelf-life, but now that you know which signs to look for to know that it’s time to send a bra on its retirement vacation, you can replenish your undergarment drawer more frequently. Do you know of any other signs to look for that signal that it’s time to get rid of a bra? Let us know in the comments.

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