8 Clever Styling Tips And Tricks To Hide Love Handles

8 Clever Styling Tips And Tricks To Hide Love Handles Hyderabd040-395603080 October 7, 2019

Love handles — don’t get fooled by the name. There is nothing about these features that’s loved or adored. If you’re still wondering what these are…they are the depositions of fat that accumulate on the sides of your waist. And if you have them and you are wearing tight clothes, then they tend to look more pronounced. It’s more like your expanding girth is calling attention to itself, “Hey look! I’m here.” Love handles are also known as muffin tops. And they are composed of stubborn fat which is very hard to get rid of once gained. If you ever plan on reducing the excess fat around your waistline, you will have to make some serious changes in your lifestyle and follow a strict diet and exercise routine.

Though it can be a Herculean task to get rid of these love handles, one can definitely learn to dress smartly in a way that will hide these handles. So, if you’re someone who is having a tough time with the love handles, have a look at this style guide we’ve put forth. By following the steps laid out in this guide, we’re sure you will become a pro in flaunting your body the right way.

1. Pick The Right Tops

Pick The Right Tops Pinit


You need to look good and feel good in the tops you wear. Therefore, women with heavier upper body or with love handles need to avoid tops that hug their body. Instead, they should go for tops that are flowy and breezy. You will look and feel comfortable in them. And never wear peplum tops as it draws attention to your waist.

2. Consider Shapewear As A Good Investment

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You are aware that you don’t really have that dream bod to fit into a bodycon dress. But, you’ve always wanted to wear one. Don’t stop yourself here; all you need to do is get a suitable shapewear. Yes, we know they are expensive, but they last longer, and they help you achieve the look that you want. Wear a suitable shapewear and slip into that bodycon dress. Be the glamorous diva that you are.

3. Go For High-Waisted Bottoms

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Consider such bottoms as your best friends. They are going to take care of all of your problem areas by toning them in appearance. They make your torso look sleek, and your love handles, well, nobody will ever notice them. Bulging stomach or hips, high waist bottoms is the answer to all your bulge problems.

4. Fall In Love With The A-Line Dresses

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There’s a reason why they are called A-line dresses, it’s because these types of dresses generally have a tighter fitting at the waist and downwards from the waist, they flow down in the form of flares. This is exactly what is needed to hide love handles. Wearing A-line dresses will only draw attention to your slender waist and the free-flowing flares will cover your love handles.

5. Ditch Tucking In

Ditch Tucking In Pinit


Don’t tuck your shirt in if you have love handles. Because tucking your shirt in will accentuate the bulge around your hips. Instead, opt for wearing a tank top and then layer it with a shirt. The shirt will hide the sides of your waist and the tank top that you’ll be wearing inside will give an impression of a flat tummy.

6. Learn To Vanish The Love Handles With Prints

Learn To Vanish The Love Handles With Prints Pinit


Choosing a printed dress or top definitely has the ability to make or break your look. Smaller prints will make you look smaller whereas larger prints will make you look bulkier. Therefore, it’s very important to pick prints that are bold and strategically placed. All your extra fat around the stomach and waist will be hidden away by these prints as the people around you will notice the prints and not what is underneath it. So, bring your best print game on!

7. Distract The Attention And Draw It Away

Distract The Attention And Draw It Away Pinit


One simple hack of dressing up is this — if you are aware of your flaws and can’t hide them, then draw people’s attention away from them. Yes, it’s that simple. We’ll help you with an example, which is jewelry. If there is a heavy neckpiece sitting in your cupboard and it matches your dress. Then just get it out and wear it. People’s attention will be on your neck than on your love handles. This is called distraction, my friend.

8. Say No To Straight-Cuts And Yes To Wraps

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We’re asking you to say no to straight-cut dresses because such cuts will draw attention to your stomach and torso which is something we do not want, right? Opt for A-line dresses as we’d mentioned earlier instead of these.

Also, we’re asking you to say yes to wrap dresses because the wrap style will give more room for your stomach to feel comfortable and at the same time it will draw the attention away from your love handles. So, just wrap it up, ladies!

We gave you the best styling tips to hide the love handles. If you think we’ve missed out on anything or if there is anything you want to add to this style guide, just drop your tips in the comments section below.