7 Tips For Choosing The Right Lipstick For You

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Lipstick is the first thing that comes to our minds when we think of makeup. Lipstick is a great way to pump up and doll up those luscious lips. Picking up a shade of lipstick is very instrumental in making or breaking one’s look and hence, choosing the right one can be a daunting task. Well, we have this easy-breezy guide to choosing the right shade of lipstick in order to light up your looks. Here are 7 tips to make sure you never make a bad lipstick choice again!

1. Find Your Skin Tone

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In the search for that lipstick shade that would highly accentuate one’s looks, the first step is to identify one’s skin tone. You could be having a light, fair, medium, tan or deep skin colour. Once you know what tone you are, here are a few shades that are made for your shade.

  • If you have a fair or light complexion, you need to colour your lips in pink, coral, light red or a nude colour.
  • If you have a medium coloured skin, lipstick shades like rose, cherry, mauve, and berry would be best.
  • If your skin colour is that of the colour of a suntan, shades such as deep pink, rock coral, blood red, and most colours barring shades of purple and brown would work great on your skin.
  • If your skin colour is deep, lipstick shades like plum, wine, caramel, and all blue shades blended with red would work wonders on you.

2. Determine The Undertone Of Your Skin

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Once you have figured out your skin tone, the next step is to identify the skin undertone. Basically, there are three types of skin undertone – warm, cool, and neutral.

  • Cool undertone with a fair or light skin tone: A soft coffee or a nude shade would be the right choice
  • Cool undertone with a medium skin tone: A cranberry or pink shade would work wonders.
  • Cool undertone with a tan or deep skin tone: A wine or ruby shade would be perfect.
  • Warm undertone with a fair or light skin tone: A shade of peach or light pink would be great.
  • Warm undertone with a medium, tan or deep skin colour: A copper or bronze shade would be an apt choice.
  • Neutral undertone: If your skin undertone is neutral, a wide variety of lipstick shades would work magic for you.

3. Shape Of Your Lips

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If your lips are heavy on the top, a bright shade on the bottom lip while a slightly darker shade of the same colour on the upper one would be the right choice to make. If your bottom lip is heavier, a colour that goes well with your undertone mixed with a hint of the nude in the centre of your lips would be magical. If you have asymmetrical lips, make sure you use a lip pencil in a shade that matches with your lipstick colour to contour your lips well.

4. Size Of Your Lips

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The size of your lips is also an important aspect to consider before you pick that expensive shade of lipstick. If you are blessed with thin lips, it is best to avoid dark matte colours as that would end up making your lips appear even thinner. It would be wiser to pick a creamier or glossier shade instead. If you are blessed with thick lips, then it would be best to pick shades that are not too glossy or light or glittery.

5. The Colour Of Your Hair

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Here is a small guide to choosing the right shade of lipstick based on the colour of your hair!

  • Dark hair, fair and light skin: Plum, scarlet or cherry coloured lipstick.
  • Dark hair, tan or deep skin: Gold, ochre, bronze, terracotta or beige shade.
  • Blond hair, light or fair: light Pink or a purple blended with pink or a scarlet colour.
  • Blond hair, tan or deep skin: Ochre, caramel, salmon or warm pink.
  • Brown hair, medium skin: Salmon pink, coral, deep pink or beige.
  • Red hair, fair skin: Burnt sienna, terracotta, salmon pink or coral shade.

6. Eye Colour

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The colour of one’s eyes must be considered before we pick a lipstick shade.

  • Brown eyes: Flaming red, light pinks, and shades of coffee.
  • Blue eyes: Shades of scarlet and cherry.
  • Green eyes: Shades of pink and terracotta.
  • Grey eyes: Shades of plum and nude colours.

7. Teeth Colour

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Pearly whites: This is a great thing to have as besides other benefits, you could choose almost any lipstick colour.

Yellow teeth: Choose colours such as rose, light orange, and red. Make sure you avoid browns, purples or bright red and scarlet hues.

Now that you have a guide in place to choose the right shade of lipstick, it is time to stock them up. With these guidelines in mind, splurge on shades that would look best on you and flaunt them at that party tonight and make those jaws drop in sheer awe!

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