11 Essential Tips For Summer Hair Care

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Now that summer is here; you can finally pull your hair out of your cap and flaunt it in full length! Summer is for breezy clothes and gentle winds gushing through our hair. However, there are times when sweat, dust, and heat take a toll on your loose hair. This is when you are forced to clutch it all up in a high bun and look the same in all photos. Wish there was some way to keep your hair safe from the chemicals and enjoy long shiny hair? Well, there is! Go through these simple tips to maintain the summer hair look without making frequent trips to the salon. Go on to
know them all!

1. Cover It Up

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Various hair accessories help you cover your hair from the sun and pollution, and using them will help you keep your hair safe till you want to flaunt it. Make it a habit to use a scarf when you step out of your home. You can also go for hats to retain your hair’s moisture while keeping it shaded from the UV rays. This also shields your hair from getting the direct hit of wind and keeps your hair protected from tangling.

2. Tie It Up

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Just because it’s summer does not mean the only hairstyle you can pull off is loose hair. In fact, there are many hairstyles you should experiment with to keep your hair high and give some air to your neck. Make sure it isn’t vey tight as it could restrict the blood circulation and give you a headache. Also, keep your hair hydrated with regular oiling conditioning and masking.

3. Don’t Wash Often

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If you wash your hair too often, it may strip off the natural oils from your hair and make your scalp produce even more oils to beat that. Make sure you shampoo only when necessary, and other times protect your hair from getting all dusty and dirty. You can also try homemade shampoo made of cornstarch to keep it clean longer without using chemical shampoos.

4. Keep The Heat Low

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We understand your need to blow-dry, straighten and curl your hair on the same day to achieve different looks; however, it is not something your hair can deal with regularly. Keep the heat to a minimum and use heat protectants before applying the tools on them.

5. Moisture Control

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You can prepare a concoction of aloe vera, avocado oil, and water and keep it in a spray bottle. Use it whenever the need for moisture arises. You can also try argan oil mixed in water to keep your hair hydrated on the go.

6. Use A Wide-Tooth Comb

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Using a wide-tooth comb will prevent your hair from falling out and not tug on tangled hair. As summer makes you sweat more, your hair is mostly moist. It becomes more susceptible to breakage with a single pull. Use a wooden comb and gently brush it over the whole length of your hair to keep it detangled and silky.

7. Condition Always

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Conditioner after shampooing is a must for summer. You can also use homemade natural conditioners like diluted apple cider vinegar. Coconut oil and shea butter can also be used in small quantities to nourish your hair but this must be done carefully or it will weigh your hair down.

8. Keep Swimmers Hair At Bay

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Blond hair often turns green because of the reaction of the hair color with chlorine water (1). To avoid this and keep your pool parties perfect, rinse your hair with 1/4th cup apple cider diluted in 2 cups of water before entering the pool. This will prevent discoloration and keep your hair from absorbing as much chlorine.

9. Add Sunscreen

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Some shampoos have UV protectants in them, but other chemicals may harm your hair. The best way to protect your hair is to use hats and scarves before stepping out in the sun. Some people even run their sunscreen used on the skin on the hair, but it will only attract dust and sand particles on your hair.

10. Hot Oil Rinse

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Avocado oils, and Coconut, olive are good at penetrating through the hair shaft. Shampoo your hair and then oil it from tips to roots. Wash it off, and towel dry your hair. You will find your hair feeling much softer.

11. Fake The Beach Look

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Since summers are specially packed for tons of beach holidays, you can try spraying saline water on your hair and help it give your hair a beach wave. You will need one spoon of coconut oil mixed with a spoon of sea salt to achieve the look. Keep it stored in a spray bottle and use it when you are in the mood for some curls.

So now that you know how to take care of your hair in the summer, nothing can stop you from looking absolutely gorgeous. Remember to take care of your diet and provide good nutrition to your hair. Also, drink plenty of fluids and eat fruits that fill you with vitamins and antioxidants. Do you have any secrets to maintaining the perfect summer hair look? Let us know in the comments below!

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