7 Tips On Getting The Exact Hair Color You Want

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There are three common struggles of getting your hair colored. First, getting approval from the fam, second, choosing the right color to compliment your face, and third, getting that exact color on your hair as the end result. Behind every beautifully dyed hairstyle goes months of convincing! We know coloring hair is not a cakewalk, and there are dozens of oops incidents regarding hair dying. If you want to entrust professionals with the task, there are dozens of other factors that play a crucial role in helping you get the dream hue. So to make sure your patience is not in vain, we at Stylecraze researched some foolproof tips that will guarantee the same color on your hair that you like. No more unwelcome surprises on the final results. Here we go!

1. Pick A Salon Where You Can Trust The Stylist

Pick A Salon Where You Can Trust The Stylist
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Just picking a high-quality place is not enough. Just like you wouldn’t trust just anyone with a body piercing or tattoo, hair color is also a permanent change that will define your personality. There is no harm in taking your time to analyze the artist’s portfolio before sitting in the chair. Also, once you have decided to entrust your stylist, don’t be nervous. Hair coloring is an intricate process and requires patience. It is recommended that you read through the stylist’s bio and arrange for meetings before making the appointment for the hair color. Take reviews from your friends to validate their skills and authenticity because sometimes, just online reviews are not true enough to believe.

2. Beautiful Hair Results In Beautiful Color

Beautiful Hair Results In Beautiful Color
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One of the most important factors to keep in mind is, hair color is just a dye. It won’t make your hair beautiful or bring extra shine. If you walk into a salon with damaged hair, a good stylist will recommend not coloring it. Try getting them healthy again with deep conditioners and limit shampooing to once a week. Hair takes time to heal, and you need to supplement it with vitamins and proteins to help it regain its health back. Once your hair is in a healthy, voluminous condition, then you can consider dyeing your hair for better results.

3. Get The Reference Color

Get The Reference Color
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Instead of verbally telling the color you want, show them the photo of the color you are influenced by. You can scroll through Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest to find inspiration for the next time you want to get your hair colored. It is always good to have a variety of references as you can decide in the salon firsthand, what they have and which one will look best on you. For example, a shade that you chose might not be available, so you can look for similar shades that you can rock without looking like the color is out of place. Also, here are a few questions that you need to ask yourself before you select the picture.

  • Do you have the same hair length as the person in the picture?
  • Do the density and texture match the image?
  • Will the hair color compliment your skin tone?
  • Will you style your hair like that?

You must keep your expectations realistic and get the color that will compliment your personality. If you get disheartened at pictures and feel why it won’t look good on you, just remember, every picture put up in an advertisement is highly color corrected and filtered. If you know what we mean!

4. Communicate The Color Effectively

Communicate The Color Effectively
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Once seated at the salon, your stylist will use different lingo to describe a color. A tiny shade change can also make a huge difference. It is okay if you don’t know the name of the color, but you can show them the color and make sure your stylist gets the exact hue on your hair. They are professionals, so if they know what you want they can replicate it to the best of their ability.

5. Be Honest With Your Stylist

Be Honest With Your Stylist
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Don’t be afraid and be honest with your stylist. It is a no-judgment zone where your stylist will not judge the shampoo you use, the brand of conditioner, and how many times you actually oil your hair. If they have a problem with the products you are using or how you are treating your hair, they will only give you the right advice to ensure your hair looks the best when dyed. You mustn’t color a single strand twice. So no matter how tempted you are to get a new color on yourself, you have to wait until it goes out and trim that part.

6. Wash Your Hair Before Getting Highlights

Wash Your Hair Before Getting Highlights
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Normally your hairstylist would wash your hair on their own to color it, but when it comes to highlights, you can clean the extra oils from your scalp to prevent your hair color from fading away. If you are coming for a root touch-up, you can come without shampooing as the natural oils will keep your roots from itching while you sit for the process. However, it’s best to have a fresh scalp before going through the chemical process.

7. Make The Right Appointment

Make The Right Appointment
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The first step to making an appointment is by talking to a consultant. They are the ones who know about the colors. They will speak to you about the color you want and examine your hair correctly to tell you what colors will suit you, how you should style your hair etc. Once it is decided, they will schedule your appointment with the hairstylist who will color your hair.

Pro Tip: The consultant is not the same as the person at the reception, so asking them about the hair color is no good. Make sure you take a formal consultation meeting before diving into your appointment.

There are many instances where people complain about ending up with a different shade than they already imagined. These were the tips to ensure you get the perfect color on your hair. Always keep in touch with your stylist for the proper guidance on how often you should wash your hair, how to keep it from fading, and the touch-up appointments. We hope you get the tone you have been dreaming of. So, what is your dream hair color? Let us know in the comments below!

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