8 Tips That Can Help You Differentiate An Original Merchandize From A Fake One

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How often have you walked past stores confidently selling Nikee, Adibas, and Supreeme? Well, forged and copied branded merchandise are nothing new, but it is a problem when you spend a fortune on them, and they turn out to be fake. Imagine spending all your savings on Bay-Ban shades! In 2013, $461 billion was lost to copied brands worldwide (1). Nike is the most forged brand globally, followed by Ray-Ban, Rolex, Supreme, and Louis Vuitton (2). But the good news is, there are some subtle discrepancies we as customers should be aware of that will help us separate the fake from the originals, even if some copies seem perfect. Here is the list to know that you are not wasting money on fake products. Read on!

1. Nike Footwear

Nike Footwear
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The feel of authentic Nike Air shoes is impossible to replicate. This is because their technologies and materials are distinctive. In this way, genuine Nike footwear will have leather that is more robust than that of copies. The comfort of the footwear must also be checked. A fake Nike will never make you feel comfortable when you wear it.

2. Ray-Ban Sunglasses

Ray-Ban Sunglasses
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Lenses and plastic frames of genuine Ray-Bans are molded as a single unit. The focal point of a metal frame needs to be smooth and uncluttered; it can contain delicate embellishments, but it must not protrude. The lenses are typically constructed of actual glass; however, occasionally, plastic is used. Check the maker’s webpage to see whether yours is listed. The Ray-Ban logo is inscribed in the upper-right corner of the right lens. Since it is permanently etched into the lens, erasing it is out of the question. There should be a label on the exterior of the temples that specifies who made them. Additionally, the manufacturing nation is often found on the right side of the product, whereas the serial number is typically found on the left.

3. Gucci Purse

Gucci Purse
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Start by looking at the two G’s on the back of your bag. The G’s serifs should really be long and narrow rather than thick. In addition, the oval shape of both the G should be maintained. If the logo is unclear, it is likely to be a fake. An authentic Gucci handbag will have even stitches, so inspect that detail. The stitching on your bag is obviously a dead giveaway that it is fake if it is uneven or a different color than the bag itself.

4. Supreme Sweatshirt

Supreme Sweatshirt
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This brand’s hooded and unhooded sweatshirts feature two dark red emblems on the collar. The brand’s name and the capital letter R inside a circle appear on the bigger of the two labels. The second label tells you that the product was made in Canada. The care instructions, often found on the items inside the tag, should be stated that the hoodie should not be ironed. This is an essential point that most replica manufacturers overlook. The letters on embroidered logos on red sweatshirts should be centered and spaced correctly. The back of the genuine sweatshirt’s emblem is made up of a tiny mesh of white threads, visible when the garment is turned inside out. The hoods of Supreme sweatshirts are complemented solely by flat laces, which also are neatly knotted at both ends. Round laces with burnt ends or laces with unusual ends are a giveaway that they are fake.

5. Michael Kors Purse

Michael Kors Purse
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Accept it, we all drool at that MK logo. The essential information about the bag, including its product code, shade, material, specifications, price in USD, and unique barcode, is printed on cream-colored labels that the company exclusively utilizes. The original bags have brand engraving on every component. It may be used on carabiners, clasps, handle rings, and magnetic clips. Original bags from this company are constructed from a sturdy material that won’t squish or wrinkle no matter how they’re packaged for shipping.

6. Hermès Purses

Hermès Purses
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You should start by inspecting the lettering on the leather’s inside. Unlike the forgeries, the French accent on the letter E must be smooth and flowing. The “F” and the “R” in “France” look like they were glued together, which would not happen on an authentic Hermès handbag.

7. Levi’s Jeans

Levi's Jeans
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Jeans by Levi’s are instantly identifiable because of the iconic arched back pockets. A simple ribbon or a diamond arch is the pocket’s focal point. Unfortunately, this detail is frequently replicated horribly on fake jeans. Additionally, authentic jeans have orange stitching, whereas many knockoffs utilize white. Finally, a red tag on the pocket is the third giveaway that your Levi’s are phony. The red label on authentic Levi’s jeans will read “Levi’s,” whereas that of a knockoff will just read “R.”

8. Nike T-shirt

Nike T-shirt
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The Nike swoosh is the primary focus of our inspection. Its dimensions are usually off compared to the original. Both its orientation and angle might be varied. Next, make sure there are no typos on the T-care shirt’s label. In contrast to the genuine article, which would never contain a misspelled word, a knockoff may. Check the labels on the inside of the garment, too, down at the bottom. There are often two or maybe more labels sewn onto authentic Nikes, whereas counterfeits typically only have one.

Do you think you may have purchased a fake item? What clues did you look for to determine it wasn’t the real deal? Unless you consulted an expert, how easily distinguishable were them to you? Let us know about them in the comments section!

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