Make Cleaning Your Bathroom Easier With These 7 Tips

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Do you spend every weekend struggling to clean your bathroom? Considering the number of times we use it, a proper weekly cleaning ritual is a must.

Fret not! With these simple tips and tricks, cleaning your bathroom will no longer be a hectic task. Read on to know more.

1. How To Clean The Mirror In The Washroom


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We all know how gross the bathroom mirror becomes, sometimes just after a single use. If you don’t clean it for two or three days continuously, it will be all covered in dust, water sprinkles, and makeup. Very soon, you will be unable to see your face clearly. We usually use spray cleaners or water along with paper towels to clean mirrors. But, do they really clean the mirror?

Here’s the simplest way to clean mirrors.

Brew three bags of black tea and pour it in a spray bottle. Use this liquid to clean the mirrors. But, instead of paper towels, use newspapers. Your mirrors will shine like never before!

2. How To Remove Hard Water Stains From Metal Hardware


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Removing hard water stains from metal hardware seems next to impossible. We have a quick solution for this problem. Cut a lemon into two halves and scrub the metal with one-half. This will make your bathroom smell great. Also, the citrus acid present in the lemon will break down the hard water stains and make it look new and clean.

3. How To Clean Shower Scum


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Soap scum looks disgusting, and cleaning it is another disgusting task. But, you can clean these nasty things by filling your dish wand with half dish soap and half vinegar and then using the brush to scrub away the dirt.

4. How To Clean The Toilet


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Whenever you talk about cleaning your household stuff, the first thing that should come to your mind is white vinegar. It is the most effective solutions to clean any type of stain or dirt. Thus, you can consider white vinegar as your toilet’s best friend.

Pour the vinegar into a spray bottle and spray it over and around the toilet seat. Now, soak a paper towel in white vinegar and stuff those towels under the rim of the toilet seat. Let it sit for a while and then, using a toilet brush, scrub the entire area and clean it with fresh water.

Vinegar will kill all the bacteria, germs, and mold on the toilet seat and make your toilet clean and sparkling.

5. How To Clean Toothbrush Holders


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Toothbrush holders often get clogged with soap scum. Just toss the holder in the dishwasher to clean it.

6. How To Clean Your Dryer Lint


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Many people keep washing machines in the bathroom, and the most neglected part in the washing machines is the clogged dryer lint. Well, it’s not a good practice as it can lead to house fires. You can clean it by attaching a fresh paper towel to the vacuum hose. Now, keep the vacuum stick down and clean the clogged area.

7. How To Clean A Toilet Brush


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The toilet brush is the most germ-infested object, and cleaning it regularly is very important. To clean it, always keep a little all-purpose cleaner in the brush holder. This will constantly clean the brush and will also prevent foul smell.

Here is a video tutorial for all the above-mentioned cleaning hacks:

Follow these tips and make your bathroom sparkle in minutes!

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