9 Tips To Eat Healthy And Guilt-Free During Diwali

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Diwali is the grand festival of lights, but somewhere down the line, we have induced the ritual of unofficial soan papdi exchange in the festival. Even if you are not someone with a sweet tooth, it is that time of the year where the table, kitchen, and fridge are laden with nothing but ghee-soaked, sugar-wrapped desi mithais. Not that we mind, but the latter part of the month goes in regretting devouring that entire box of laddoos overnight. So if we are being honest here, no one can resist eating those sweets made with love. But what we can do is, make the sweets healthy. Does that sound like a plan? Here are a few healthy-sweet ideas you can share with your chef so that you can grub on the Diwali sweets without guilt-tripping! Have a healthy Diwali.

1. Go For Milk Based Desserts

Go For Milk Based Desserts
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If you are making it at home, you can restrict the amount of sugar added to the dish. If you are not lactose intolerant, this could save you some calories. Milk, being a good source of protein, will balance out the calories while keeping your dessert delicious. The perfect sweets to go for are milk-based dishes like Sandesh, mishti doi, shrikhand, and kheer.

2. Replace Sugar With Healthy Substitutes

Replace Sugar With Healthy Substitutes
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Natural flavoring agents like cinnamon, dry fruits, and nutmeg works wonders in replacing sugar. You can also add jaggery and honey, but keep the quantity really low if you are into fitness. The best way to keep your health optimal is to use stevia instead of sugar. It is also perfect for those fighting diabetes.

3. Make A Healthier Choice

Make A Healthier Choice
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We know it’s difficult to choose when the table looks like a heaven of sweets, but you need to do this for your health. Make rational decisions over sweets when it comes to Diwali. For example, choose Badam Katli over Kaju Katli. The Omega 3 fatty acid will do you good. Pick besan ladoo over peanut ladoo. Here are a few sweets you can choose from without thinking much. Mysore pak, halwa, sheera, and payasam. These are not exactly good for health but are definitely a better option for your body.

4. Add Healthy Ingredients

Add Healthy Ingredients
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Instead of using the same old recipe, use unconventional ingredients that will make your sweets healthier. There are ample options to go for, like Papaya Halwa, Dates Sesame Ladoo, Carrot Kalakand, Walnut Ladoo, Methi Kheer, Dudhi Kheer, Apple Sheera Oats Dates ladoo, Fruit Kheer, Beetroot Halwa. You can also try sweet meals like Oats Pancakes, Pumpkin Pie, fruit Yogurt, homemade protein bars, Apple Pie, seeds Chikki.

4. Keep The Portion In Mind

Keep The Portion In Mind
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Diwali is a good exercise of your willpower. You have to say yes to the sweet, but you also have to say no to the second helping. If you opt for sweets like Jalebi, Gulab Jamun, Sheera, Gulpapdi, and Malpua, make sure you reduce the serving.

5. Add Salad To Every Meal

Add Salad To Every Meal
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Even after you had the guilty pleasure of stuffing all the sweets in, you don’t want the belly to bulge out at Christmas. That gives you less than two months to lose the sweet weight. The best way to go about it is to eat healthy even during the festival. Replace one meal with salad and try to keep the meals light and healthy.

6. Healthy Drinks

Healthy Drinks
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Welcome drinks are what beholds the maximum calories. You can try low-calorie fillers like Kiwi margarita, masala milk, virgin pina colada, falooda, tomato mocktail, ginger lemonade, and thandai. These are equally refreshing and low in calories.

7. Hydrate More

Hydrate More
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Nothing cleanses your body as fast as water. Drinking up to two liters of water per day will help you burn the excess fat and toxins. You can also have sugar-free juices to keep up the hydration.

8. Get Some Exercise

Get Some Exercise
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A healthy diet alone is not enough to keep up your health; you need to exercise to keep up the balance. Not only does exercise burn fat, but it also builds your muscles and elevates your mood. Make sure you keep at least thirty minutes of your day to exercise your muscles and keep yourself fit. Once you are on a healthy timetable, the Diwali sweets will not affect you much.

9. Improve Sleep

Improve Sleep
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The festive season often compromises sleep, and that leads to muscle cramps and headaches. It is essential that you give yourself undisturbed eight hours of sleep and make the Diwali preparations beforehand. Also, having sugar-filled treats just before nap time can disturb your sleep and keep you awake. Make sure you keep sweets and caffeine away from you for at least four hours before hitting the bed.

So, these were our full-proof ways of enjoying Diwali without feeling guilty over the calorie intake. We know it can be challenging to say no to sweets, especially during festivals. Making the sweets sugar-free and healthy will help you enjoy a guilt-free Diwali. So, what is your favorite healthy Diwali menu? Let us know in the comments below!

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