6 Aura Cleansing Tips To Free Yourself From Negativity

Written by Chandrama Deshmukh  • 

Let’s open our minds and souls and get rid of that pesky cynicism. You got that right – we’re going to talk about auras.

At this point, we can guess what most of you are thinking: Well, I’m sort of familiar with the term, but what exactly is an aura?

 An aura has since long been considered as a field of electromagnetic energy that encompasses your body. It can express any person better than physically spoken words, and it influences your surroundings as well.

Auras tend to behave like invisible magnets. They can absorb the different vibrational energies that surround us everywhere. Hence, it is critical to get rid of any energy that may be a toxic threat to your aura. Basically, detox that mind and body, baby!

Here, we have 6 basic tips to purify your aura that will stabilize your mental, emotional and spiritual, and internal and external states. So, lose that skepticism as you’re going to lose all that choking, negative energy soon.

You can thank us later!

1. Start By Combing Your Aura

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No, you can put that comb down. This isn’t that kind of combing.

Combing, as the name suggests, is sort of like sweeping through the electromagnetic energy that surrounds you, from head to toe, and thereby redistributing excess energy or Ki throughout your body. This helps to cleanse your aura and balance the energies. The following is simply one of the several ways through which you can comb your aura (seriously, you don’t need that comb):

  • Begin by meticulously washing your hands with water and then drying them thoroughly.
  • Now, let your fingers act like your comb (Author’s Note: Ha! Told you!) and comb out the space around your body. Begin from your head and continue downwards to your toes.
  • After you have finished, cleanse your hands once again under running water and wash away all that picked-up chaotic energy. Enjoy.

2. Get Under That Shower

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 If there is any sort of influence on the aura, it will attach itself to your physical body. The following technique is a brilliant method of envisioning the purging of negative, toxic energies through showering:

  • Begin by standing under your indoor shower or, if you’re lucky enough, outdoor waterfall.
  • Let the flowing water generously stream along every surface and inch of your body: head and face, arms and torso, followed by legs and feet.
  • Then, as you watch this water disseminate away from your toes and proceed to go down the drain, take deep, full breaths and imagine it is your bad aura, expelled away from your mind, moving along with the water.

3. Get Some Play Time (With Some Wind)

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 This really is what you hope it sounds like. Our minds and bodies are usually bogged down due to our daily, hectic lives. Running freely or playing out in the open can really kill stress and loosen you up. This could remove any bad energy that has attached to your aura.

  • Clear your mind and cleanse your auric field by running free and playfully. Feel the wind brush against your skin.
  • Stretch your arms away from your body and spin around on a nice, lush lawn of grass or a fragrant meadow. 

4. Sweep That Aura With A Feather

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You can use a simple feather and move it through the aura surrounding your body to redistribute energies and expel negative energies.

  • Take a single feather or even a feather whisk and make sweeping motions across the space around your body.
  • You should begin down at your toes, and then work yourself upwards. Visualize a bird that flies from the ground onto a tree.
  • If you need assistance, request a friend to help you sweep the space along your backside and any other regions surrounding your physical self that you are unable to reach with ease.

5. Smudge Your Aura

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Wholesome, organic aromas will help cleanse your mind and soul, thereby purging bad, toxic energies from your immediate environment.

  • You can smudge the space surrounding your physical body with incense smokes from fragrant lavender, sweetgrass, sage or any other smudging herbs of your choice.
  • If you would like, you could also breathe in the fragrant smudged air gently.

Caution: This is not recommended for individuals who have asthma.

6. Indulge In A Saltwater Soak

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So, as we previously learned, choking toxic energies are prone to attaching themselves easily onto our skin. However, that same skin can also function as a straightforward doorway to expel those horrible toxicities.

  • This is your chance to indulge your auric field as well as your physical body. Soak in a sea salt bath treatment at a spa or simply run a bath with steaming water and add Epsom salt to it.
  • You can choose from an assortment of bath salts. If you’re sensitive to scents, pick an unscented bath salt.
  • If you’re having trouble with congested sinuses or have recently suffered the flu, eucalyptus would be a wonderful option.
  • If you’re looking for a cleanse that will have a lovely, calming effect on your tired body and spirit, choose lavender to chase away those blues.

You will be amazed to know how effectively these tips work. Get ready to purify the aura around you and bask in mental, emotional, and spiritual bliss. Life is good!

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