12 Tips To Kick Your Refined Sugar Habit

12 Tips To Kick Your Refined Sugar Habit Hyderabd040-395603080 October 27, 2017

You must be aware that refined sugar could have detrimental effects on your body and health. Researches reveal that we have jumped from four pounds of sugar consumed per year (in the 1700s) to a whopping 180 pounds of sugar per year (in 2009), with the figures ever shooting up in 2016. This explains the obesity epidemic. Did you know that sugar also pumps cancer cells and invites lots of health complications in your system? The overdose of fructose in refined sugar completely damages your metabolism and is proven to have worse side effects than fat.

1. Motivation Is The Key

Browse videos that show you how far the refined sugar we get is robbed of nutrients and understand that it is not less than slow poison. Read Dr. Nancy Appleton’s “Suicide by Sugar” or Dr. Joseph Mercola’s thoughts on the bad effects of refined sugar on your body. This would motivate you to cut down on refined sugar.

2. Avoid Carbonated Drinks

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Carbonated drinks are actually cans of concentrated sugar, and as less as an ounce may contain two tablespoons of sugar, which is very high. The same is the case with artificial juices and canned crushes. This sugar is likely to get deposited as layers of sugar on your liver, which may cause pot belly, obesity, and other health issues including diabetes.

3. Avoid Packaged Food

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Packaged foods might appeal to your sight and taste, but they do not do well when it comes to the heart. Get rid of these and try homemade snacks and soups for better health. Note that even the ones with the “organic” label contain a high amount of sugar.

4. Avoid Restaurant Dressings

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There might be times when homely food is always not practical. Salads and grilled meat containing a low amount of sugar are certainly healthier options than the pasta and bread you may otherwise prefer. But, even still, you might want to ignore the salad dressings as the ones in restaurants are very high in sugar.

Make this easy salad dressing and carry it in a bottle on the move. Shake properly three-fourth cups of virgin olive oil, one-fourth cup of balsamic vinegar, three teaspoons of brown mustard, two teaspoons of garlic paste, and you’ re done.

5. Eat A Balanced Diet

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Fix a balanced diet that contains not less than 25 grams of protein and five cups of wide veggie options. Nuts, eggs, and lean meat along with cottage cheese are an excellent option for the required protein in your diet. Eat more frequently in small quantities at regular intervals.

6. Be Completely Sugar-free For 15 days

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Know what self-control is, and meticulously abandon all your sweet whims for delicacies like ice cream, muffins, etc. Experience a sharper sense of taste after 15 days. Moreover, it is guaranteed that you won’t have a craving for more sugar. You will simply feel awesome.

7. Deal With Cravings

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Cravings occur only when your body needs to be hydrated and when the protein levels are low. Take some quick breaks in between work, and try out unsweetened yogurts, coconut kefir, or other fermented drinks like homemade sauerkraut or kombucha. These super probiotics combat your cravings for sugar.

8. Get A Friend To Join You

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You will be able to motivate yourself better if you have another person on the same boat. You may then exchange recipes, have a healthy competition, and keep yourself always on the go.

9. Follow The Two Teaspoons Sugar Rule

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Artificial sweeteners have even worse side effects than normal refined sugar. Stick to the two teaspoons rule and substitute your sugar with natural sweeteners like honey, homemade maple syrup, etc. Stevia, a natural sweetener, is also healthy.

10. Enjoy Unsweetened Stuff

Go for the sugar-free varieties in case you are very particular about having sweet stuff. But always limit your intake as many of these have greater negative effects on the human body.

11. Enjoy Life

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Bring out your inner kid and enjoy life as you would love to. Go to parks, watch kids playing, enjoy the breeze, the warmth of the sun against your skin, and relax. You won’t feel the stress of having avoided sugar.

12. Remember, The Future Generation Is In Your Hands

It is already proven that sugar is addictive. Hence, save your future generation from refined sugar by introducing sugar very late in their lives. You are probably struggling now to give it up only because of this addiction that started way ahead in your infancy.

Stick to these 12 easy tricks and give shape to a healthier and happier you.