10 Tips To Quickly Lose Weight If You’re A Lazybones

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Do you go ‘Ugh!’ every time someone even mentions the word ‘exercise’? Well then, hello, kindred spirit! Welcome to the club of lazybones! Your one true characteristic is that despite having the intense desire to be fit, you just can’t bring yourself to do anything about it. Sad, but true.

Anyhow, no need to lose hope just yet! There are ways you can lose all that baby fat without dieting and, yes, without exercising!

Want to know how? Keep reading!

1. Drink, Drink, Drink

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No, not alcohol but water. Drinking water at the right time can speed up your metabolism, thus helping you lose weight. Experts recommend you drink a glass or two of water at least half an hour before every meal to fill up your tummy so that you eat less and boost your metabolism (1).

2. Give Your Food Some Attention

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One of the tricks to ‘eating less and eating healthily’ is to pay attention to what’s on your plate. Eating should be a complete ritual, free of any distractions such as your phone, TV or even negative thoughts (2). Just direct your focus entirely on what you’re eating so that you’re more aware of what you’re putting into your body and how it tastes. Eat slowly to truly experience your food.

3. Eat In Smaller Plates

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Can’t control your portion size? Trick yourself into eating less by making use of smaller plates and bowls (3). Eat only the amount that fits into your plate, and again, eat slowly so that you feel full even with a lesser amount of food. This will help you control the urge to eat more even when you don’t need to.

4. Get More Snooze Time

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If you want to lose weight, it’s best you sleep it off. No kidding. Sleeping is actually an essential part of your diet, so if you need an excuse to sleep more, this is it! You see, when you’re snoozing, you’re not eating. Moreover, sleeping more also has a positive effect on your metabolism and helps in regulating those hormone levels that are responsible for your fitness. Plus, you also burn 50 to 100 calories every hour when sleeping (4)!

5. Sleep In A Cold Room

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Either you turn down the temperature of your AC or keep your windows open while you’re sleeping at night. A study conducted by the National Institutes of Health has shown that sleeping in a room that has a temperature of 19°C can help your body burn calories and fat to a greater extent (5).

6. Binge On Fat-Burning Foods

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That doesn’t mean you stop eating the things you love and eat every day – just adding a couple of fat-burning foods to your diet will do the trick. Foods that can help include green tea, salmon, nuts, hot peppers, olive oil, and eggs. These, too, will help in improving your metabolism. Moreover, the aroma of foods such as peppermint or citrus can reduce the appetite, so try them out too!

7. Don’t Restrict Yourself

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Restraining yourself from eating something you’re craving for is probably not a good idea. So, if you feel like having a donut, go have a donut! Only remember to have it in moderation rather than bingeing. Additionally, eat sugary or fattening foods you crave in the morning (so that you have plenty of time to burn all those extra calories). Prohibiting yourself too much can result in stress, which can add more pounds than reducing them, so eat up!

8. Keep Your Teeth Clean

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If you’re already in the habit of brushing twice a day, turn it into three times, i.e. once after each meal. When you brush your teeth right after eating, you won’t be tempted enough to ask for one more helping of food. Why? Because menthol in toothpastes can make food taste bad, and also, you wouldn’t want to brush again now, would you?

9. Laugh Out Loud

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Watch endless reruns of Friends if it helps, but make it a point to laugh out loud every day. A study published in the International Journal of Obesity revealed that when you laugh, you spend up to 20% more energy than when you’re resting (6). This energy release helps in burning tummy fat as it makes your abdominal muscles work harder!

10. Use A Hot Compress

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This is one of those crazy easy ways of losing weight. While you’re reading a book or watching TV, use a hot compress on the areas of your body that you wish to lose some weight from. The heat will make you sweat, which will result in the expulsion of any unnecessary fluids in your body. Salt and ginger compresses help the most, and you can increase their effectiveness by keeping them warm for longer with the help of your hair dryer.

So, you see, staying healthy and fit is really easy – even if you’re super lazy! Incorporate these ways into your daily routine and you’ll notice a difference soon enough!

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